Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And thou shalt make the dishes thereof, and spoons thereof, and covers thereof, and bowls thereof, to cover withal: of pure gold shalt thou make them.

Bible References


Exodus 37:16
And he will make the vessels which are upon the table, its dishes, and its pans, and its bowls, and its libation cups which poured out in them, of pure gold.
Numbers 4:7
And upon the table of the face they shall spread a garment cerulean purple, and they gave upon it the dishes, and the censers, and the bowls and the cups pouring out: and the continual bread shall be upon it.
Numbers 7:13
And his offering, one silver dish, thirty and one hundred its weight; one silver vase, seventy shekels by the holy shekel; they two full of fine flour mingled with oil for a gift.
1 Kings 7:50
And the thresholds, and the snuffers, and the vases, and the pans, and the fire-pans, of gold shut up; and the openings to the doors of the house within to the holy of holies, to the doors of the house to the temple, of gold.
2 Chronicles 4:22
And the snuffers, and the vases, and the dishes, and the censers, of shut up gold: and the entrance of the house, its doors within for the holy of holies, and the doors of the house of the temple, of gold.
Ezra 1:9
And these their number: thirty basins of gold, a thousand basins of silver, nine and twenty slaughter knives,
Jeremiah 52:18
And the pots and the shovels and the snuffers and the vases and the dishes, and all the vessels of brass which they served in them, they took.

To cover

Leviticus 24:5
And take the fine flour and bake it, twelve cakes; two tenths shall be the one cake.
Song of Songs 5:1
I Came to my garden, my sister, O spouse: I gathered my myrrh with my spices; I ate my droppings with my honey; I drank my wine with my milk: Eat, O friends; drink ye, and drink to the full, O beloved ones.
Revelation 3:20
Behold, I stand before the door, and knock: and if any hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.