Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And the LORD said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows;

By reason

Bible References

I have

Exodus 2:23
And it will be in these many days, and the king of Egypt will die: and the sons of Israel will groan, from the work; and they will cry out, and their supplication will go up to God from the work.
Exodus 22:23
If afflicting, thou shalt afflict him, if crying, he shall cry to me, hearing, I will hear his cry.
Genesis 29:32
And Leah will conceive and will bring forth a son, and she will call his name Reuben: for she said that Jehovah saw my affliction, for now my husband will love me.
1 Samuel 9:16
About the time to-morrow I will send to thee a man from the land of Benjamin, and anoint him for leader over my people Israel; he shall save my people from the hand of Philisteim; for I saw my people, for their cry came to me.
Psalm 22:24
For he despised not and he abhorred not the afflictions of the bumble; and he hid not his face from him, and in his crying to him he heard.
Psalm 34:4
I sought Jehovah and he answered me, and from all my fears he delivered me.
Psalm 106:44
And he will look upon straits to them in his hearing their wailing.
Psalm 145:19
He will do the desire of them fearing him, and he will hear their cry and he will save them.
Isaiah 63:9
In all their straits not an adversary, and: a messenger of his face saved them: in his love and in his pity he redeemed them; and he will take them up and bear them all the days forever.
Hebrews 4:15
For we have not a chief priest unable to suffer with our weaknesses; but tried in all things as a resemblance, without sin.

By reason

Exodus 1:11
And they will set over them leaders of the tributes in order to afflict them in their burdens. And they will build cities of stores for Pharaoh, Pithom and Raamses

I know

Genesis 18:21
I will go now and see whether they did wholly according to its cry coming to me; and if not, I shall know.
Psalm 142:3
In my spirit languishing upon me, and thou knewest my beaten paths. In the way which I shall go they hid a snare for me.

General references

Genesis 30:17
And God will listen to Leah, and she will conceive and bear to Jacob the fifth son.
Exodus 11:6
And a great cry was in all the land of Egypt, such as was not, and such shall not be added.
Psalm 107:13
And they will cry to God in straits to them; he will save them from their distresses.
Lamentations 3:32
For if he afflicted, and he compassionated according to the multitude of his mercy.