Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Thus will I execute judgments in Egypt: and they shall know that I am the LORD.

Bible References

General references

Ezekiel 30:14
Then will I bring desolation upon Pathros, and Set a fire in Zoan, and Execute judgments upon No: and
Ezekiel 5:8
Therefore, Thus, saith My Lord Yahweh, Lo! I am against thee, even I, Therefore will I, execute in thy midst, judgments, in the eyes of the nations;
Ezekiel 25:11
Also upon Moab, will I execute judgments,- So shall they know that I, am Yahweh.
Ezekiel 39:21
Thus will I set my glory among the nations, And all the nations I shall see My judgment which I have executed, - and My hand which I have laid upon them.
Numbers 33:4
when the Egyptians, were burying them whom Yahweh had smitten among them, every firstborn, - when, upon their gods, Yahweh had executed judgments,
Psalm 9:16
To be known is Yahweh, by the sentence he hath executed, By the doing of his own hands, is he about to strike down the lawless one. Refunding music. Selah.
Psalm 149:7
To execute an avenging among the nations, rebukes among the peoples:
Romans 2:5
But, according to thy hardness, and thine impenitent heart, art treasuring up for thyself anger, in a day of anger and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, -
Revelation 17:1
And one of the seven messengers who had the seven bowls came, and spake with me, saying - Hither! I will point out to thee the judgment of the great harlot, who sitteth upon many waters,