Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Also, thou son of man, the children of thy people still are talking against thee by the walls and in the doors of the houses, and speak one to another, every one to his brother, saying, Come, I pray you, and hear what is the word that cometh forth from the LORD.

Bible References


Isaiah 29:13
Wherefore My Lord hath said, - Because this people, hath drawn near with their mouth, And with their lips, have honoured me, But their heart, have they moved far from me, And so their reverence of me hath become A commandment of men in which they have been schooled,
Isaiah 58:2
Yet, me - day by day, do they seek, And in the knowledge of my ways, they delight, - Like a nation that had done righteousness, And the justice of their God, had not forsaken They ask of me the just regulations, In approaching God, they delight.
Jeremiah 23:35
Thus, shall ye say - every man mite his neighbour and every man unto his brother, - What hath Yahweh, answered? or, What hath Yahweh, spoken?
Jeremiah 42:1
Then drew near all the captains of the forces, and Johanan son of Kareah and Jezaniah son of Hoshaiah, - and all the people from the least even unto the greatest;
Matthew 15:8
This people, with the lips, do, honour, me, while, their heart, far off, holdeth from me;
Matthew 22:16
And they sent forth to him their disciples, with the Herodians, saying, Teacher! we know that, true, thou art, and, the way of God, in truth, dost teach, and it concerneth thee not about anyone, - for thou lookest not unto the face of men: