Ezekiel 39:19

And ye ate fat to satiety, and ye drank blood to drunkenness, from my sacrifice which I sacrificed for you.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you.

Bible References

General references

Deuteronomy 28:26
And thy carcass was for food to all the birds of the heavens and to the cattle of the earth, and none terrifying.
Isaiah 18:6
They shall be left together to the ravenous bird of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth: and the ravenous bird summered upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them.
Jeremiah 7:33
And the carcass of this people was for food to the birds of the heavens and for the cattle of the earth; and none terrifying.
Ezekiel 32:4
And I cast thee down upon the earth, upon the face of the field will I throw thee, and I caused all the birds of the heavens to sit upon thee, and I satiated from thee the beasts of all the earth.