Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence.

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Bible References

A chain

Ezekiel 19:3
And she will bring up one of her whelps: it was a young lion, and it will learn to rend the prey eating man.
Jeremiah 27:2
Thus said Jehovah to me: Make to thee bonds and rods and give them upon thy neck,
Jeremiah 40:1
The word which was to Jeremiah from Jehovah after Nebuzaradan chief of the cooks sent him from Ramah, in his taking him, he being bound in manacles in the midst of all the captivity of Jerusalem and Judah, being carried away captive to Babel.
Lamentations 3:7
He walled about me and I shall not go forth: he loaded my brass.
Nahum 3:10
Also she being carried away captive went into captivity: also her young children shall be dashed in pieces at the head of every street, and upon her honored ones they cast the lot, and all her great ones were bound in chains.

General references

Ezekiel 11:6
Ye multiplied your wounded in this city, and ye filled its streets with the wounded.