1 And he will call in mine ears with a great voice, saying, Draw near, ye having oversight of the city, each the vessels of his destruction in his hand. 2 And behold, six men coming from the way of the highest gate which looking to the north, and each a weapon of smiting in pieces in his hand; and one man in the midst of them clothed with linen, an inkhorn of the scribe upon his loins: and they will come and stand by the altar of brass.
3 And the glory of the God of Israel came up from the cherub where he Was upon it, to the threshold of the house. And he will call to the man clothed with linen to whom the inkhorn of the scribe upon his loins. 4 And Jehovah will say to him, Pass through into the midst of the city, in the midst of Jerusalem, and mark a mark upon the foreheads of the men sighing and groaning for all the abominations being done in her midst
5 And to these he said in mine ears, Pass through into the city after him, and strike: your eye shall not spare, and ye shall not pity. 6 The old man, the young man, and the virgin, and little ones, and women, ye shall slay to destruction: and every man which upon him the mark, ye shall not touch; and ye shall begin from my holy place. And they will begin upon the old men which are before the house 7 And he will say to them, Defile the house, and fill the enclosures with the wounded: go ye forth. And they went forth and struck in the city.
8 And it will be as they were striking them, and I being left, and I shall fall upon my face, and I shall cry, and saying, Ah, Lord Jehovah! destroyest thou all the remnant of Israel in thy pouring forth thy wrath upon Jerusalem?
9 And he will say to me, The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah, great exceedingly, and the land will be filled with blood and the city being filled with wresting: for they said, Jehovah forsook the land, and Jehovah saw not 10 And also I, mine eye shall not spare, and I will not pity, I gave their way upon their head. 11 And behold, the man clothed with linen to whom the inkhorn upon his loins, turning back word, saying, I did as thou didst command me.