Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And whosoever remaineth in any place where he sojourneth, let the men of his place help him with silver, and with gold, and with goods, and with beasts, beside the freewill offering for the house of God that is in Jerusalem.

Bible References

Let the men

Ezra 7:16
together with all of the silver and gold that you can raise in the province of Babylon, plus the freewill offerings given by the people and the priests, contributed for the Temple of their God, which is in Jerusalem.
Acts 24:17
After many years, I have come back to my people to bring gifts for the poor and to offer sacrifices.
3 John 1:6
They have testified before the church about your love. You will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God.

Help him

Ecclesiastes 4:9
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.
Galatians 6:2
Practice carrying each other's burdens. In this way you will fulfill the law of the Messiah.

The freewill

Ezra 2:68
When they arrived at the Temple of the LORD in Jerusalem, some of the heads of the families contributed toward building the Temple of God on its former site.
1 Chronicles 29:3
"In addition to everything that I have supplied for the Temple, it pleases me to provide my own treasure of gold and silver, so because of my love for the Temple of my God I hereby give to the Temple of my God the following:

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