Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

General references

Genesis 24:48
And I shall bow down and worship Jehovah, and bless Jehovah, God of lord Abraham, who led me in the way of truth to take the daughter of my lord's brother to his son.
Genesis 22:5
And Abraham will say to his boys, Sit ye here in this place with the ass; I and the boy will go even there and worship, and will turn back to you.
Exodus 4:31
And the people will believe: and they will hear that Jehovah reviewed the sons of Israel, and that he saw their affliction, and they will bow down and worship.
Exodus 12:27
And they said, This the sacrifice of the passing over to Jehovah, who passed over the houses of the sons of Israel in Egypt in his striking the Egyptians, and he delivered our houses. And the people will bow down and will worship.
Exodus 34:8
And Moses will hasten and bow down to the earth, and will worship
1 Chronicles 29:20
And David will say to all the convocation, Praise ye now Jehovah your God. And all the convocation will praise to Jehovah the God of their fathers, and they will bow down and worship to God and the king.
2 Chronicles 20:18
And Jehoshaphat will bow down the face to the earth: and all Judah and those inhabiting Jerusalem fell before Jehovah to worship to Jehovah.
2 Chronicles 29:30
And Hezekiah the king, and the chiefs, will say, to the Levites to praise to Jehovah in the words of David, and Asaph the seer. And they will praise even to gladness, and they will bow down and worship.
Nehemiah 8:6
And Ezra will praise Jehovah the great God: and all the people will answer, Amen, Amen, in lifting up their hands: and they will bow down and worship to Jehovah, with faces to the earth.
Psalm 22:29
All the fat ones of the earth shall eat and worship before him, and all they going down to dust shall bow down, and he preserved not alive his soul.
Psalm 66:4
All the earth shall worship to thee, and they shall play on the harp to thee; they shall play on the harp to thy name. Silence.
Psalm 72:9
Inhabitants of the desert shall bow before him, and his enemies shall lick the dust
Psalm 95:6
Come, we will worship and bow down before Jehovah: he made us.
Micah 6:6
With what shall I come before Jehovah? I will bow to the high God; shall I come before him with burnt-offerings, with calves, the sons of a year?
Philippians 2:10
That in the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of the heavenlies, and of terrestrial things, and things under earth