Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And he took his brethren with him, and pursued after him seven days' journey; and they overtook him in the mount Gilead.

Bible References

General references

Genesis 13:8
And Abram will say to Lot, Now there shall not be strife between me and between thee, and between my shepherds and between thy shepherds, for we are men brethren.
Genesis 24:27
And he will say, Praised be Jehovah, God of lord Abraham, who let not go his kindness and his truth from my lord: I in the way, Jehovah led me to the house of my lord's brother.
Exodus 2:11
And it will be in these days, and Moses will become great, and he will go forth to his brethren, and he will see their burdens: and he will see a man, an Egyptian, smiting a man, a Hebrew, from his brethren.