Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Laban said to Jacob, What hast thou done, that thou hast stolen away unawares to me, and carried away my daughters, as captives taken with the sword?

General references

Bible References


Genesis 31:36
Then Jacob was angry with Laban, and said, What crime or sin have I done that you have come after me with such passion?
Genesis 3:13
And the Lord God said to the woman, What have you done? And the woman said, I was tricked by the deceit of the snake and I took it.
Genesis 4:10
And he said, What have you done? the voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the earth.
Genesis 12:18
Then Pharaoh sent for Abram, and said, What have you done to me? why did you not say that she was your wife?
Genesis 20:9
Then Abimelech sent for Abraham, and said, What have you done to us? what wrong have I done you that you have put on me and on my kingdom so great a sin? You have done to me things which are not to be done.
Genesis 26:10
Then Abimelech said, What have you done to us? one of the people might well have had connection with your wife, and the sin would have been ours.
Joshua 7:19
And Joshua said to Achan, My son, give glory and praise to the Lord, the God of Israel; give me word now of what you have done, and keep nothing back from me.
1 Samuel 14:43
Then Saul said to Jonathan, Give me an account of what you have done. And Jonathan gave him the story and said, Certainly I took a little honey on the end of my rod; and now death is to be my fate.
1 Samuel 17:29
And David said, What have I done now? was it not only a word?
John 18:35
Pilate said, Am I a Jew? Your nation and the chief priests have given you into my hands: what have you done?


Genesis 31:16
For the wealth which God has taken from him is ours and our children's; so now, whatever God has said to you, do.
Genesis 2:24
For this cause will a man go away from his father and his mother and be joined to his wife; and they will be one flesh.
Genesis 34:29
And all their wealth and all their little ones and their wives; everything in their houses they took and made them waste.
1 Samuel 30:2
And had made the women and all who were there, small and great, prisoners: they had not put any of them to death, but had taken them all away.

General references

Genesis 12:18
Then Pharaoh sent for Abram, and said, What have you done to me? why did you not say that she was your wife?
Psalm 105:14
He would not let anyone do them wrong; he even kept back kings because of them,

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