Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And he erected there an altar, and called it EleloheIsrael.


Bible References


Genesis 8:20
And Noah will build an altar to Jehovah, and will take from all clean cattle, and from all clean birds, and will bring up a burnt offering upon the altar.
Genesis 12:7
And Jehovah shall be seen to Abram, and will say, To thy seed will I give this land, and he will build there an altar to Jehovah, being seen to him.
Genesis 13:18
And Abram will pitch his tent, and will come and will dwell by the oaks of Mamra which is in Hebron, and he will build there an altar to Jehovah.
Genesis 21:33
And be will plant the tamarisk by the well of the oath, and will call there upon the name of Jehovah, the eternal God.


Genesis 32:28
And he will say, Thy name shall no more be said Jacob, but Israel, for thou wert a prince with God and with men, and thou shalt prevail.
Genesis 35:7
And he will build there an altar, and will call the place, God, the house of God; for there God appeared to him in his fleeing from the face of his brother.