Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And it came to pass, when she was in hard labour, that the midwife said unto her, Fear not; thou shalt have this son also.

Bible References

Fear not

Genesis 30:24
So she called his name Joseph, saying, Yahweh is adding unto me another son.
1 Samuel 4:19
Now, his daughter-in-law, wife of Phinehas, was with child, ready to give birth, and, when she heard the tidings, as to the taking of the ark of God, and the death of her father-in-law, and her husband, she bowed herself and gave birth, for her pains had seized her.

General references

Genesis 35:24
The sons of Rachel, Joseph and Benjamin:
Genesis 44:27
Then said thy servant my father, unto us, - Ye yourselves, know, that, two, did my wife bear to me,
Numbers 1:36
Of the sons of Benjamin, in their pedigrees by their families, by their ancestral houses, - in the counting of names, from twenty years old, and upwards, every one able to go forth to war;