Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And she spake unto him according to these words, saying, The Hebrew servant, which thou hast brought unto us, came in unto me to mock me:

Bible References

General references

Genesis 39:14
that she called unto those of her house and spoke unto them, saying, See, he has brought in a Hebrew unto us to mock us; he came in unto me to lie with me, and I cried with a loud voice;
Exodus 20:16
Thou shalt not give false testimony against thy neighbour.
Exodus 23:1
Thou shalt not admit a false rumour; put not thine hand with the wicked to be a false witness.
1 Kings 18:17
And it came to pass when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubles Israel?
1 Kings 21:9
And she wrote in the letters, saying, Proclaim a fast and set Naboth at the head of the people
Psalm 37:14
He The wicked have drawn out the sword and have bent their bow to cast down the poor and needy and to slay such as are of upright conversation.
Psalm 55:3
because of the voice of the enemy because of the oppression of the wicked; for they cast iniquity upon me, and in wrath they hate me.
Psalm 120:2
Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips and from a deceitful tongue.
Proverbs 12:19
The lip of truth shall be established for ever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.
Proverbs 19:5
A false witness shall not go unpunished, and he that speaks lies shall not escape.
Matthew 26:65
Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He has spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses? Behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy.