Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And Joseph made haste; for his bowels did yearn upon his brother: and he sought where to weep; and he entered into his chamber, and wept there.

General references

Bible References

His bowels

1 Kings 3:26
Then the woman whose the living child was spoke to the king, for her heart yearned over her son, and she said, Oh, my lord, give her the living child, and by no means kill it. But the other said, It shall be neither mine nor thine.
Jeremiah 31:20
Is Ephraim my dear son? Is he a darling child? For as often as I speak against him, I do earnestly remember him still. Therefore my heart yearns for him. I will surely have mercy upon him, says LORD.
Hosea 11:8
How shall I give thee up, Ephraim? [How] shall I cast thee off, Israel? How shall I make thee as Admah? [How] shall I set thee as Zeboiim? My heart is turned within me. My compassions are kindled together.
Philippians 1:8
For God is my witness, how I long for you all in bowels of Jesus Christ.
Philippians 2:1
If therefore any exhortation is in Christ, if any encouragement of love, if any fellowship of spirit, if any bowels and mercies,
Colossians 3:12
Put on therefore, as chosen men of God, holy and beloved, bowels of compassion, kindness, humility, mildness, longsuffering,
1 John 3:17
But whoever has the world's living, and sees his brother having need, and closes his bowels from him, how does the love of God abide in him?

Wept there

Genesis 42:24
And he turned himself around from them, and wept. And he returned to them, and spoke to them, and took Simeon from among them, and bound him before their eyes.
John 11:33
When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews who gathered with her, weeping, he groaned in the spirit, and was himself troubled.
Acts 20:19
serving the Lord with all humility, and many tears and trials that befell me by the conspiracies of the Jews.
2 Timothy 1:4
longing to see thee, having remembered thy tears, so that I may be filled with joy,

General references

John 11:35
Jesus wept.