Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He stood, and measured the earth: he beheld, and drove asunder the nations; and the everlasting mountains were scattered, the perpetual hills did bow: his ways are everlasting.

Bible References

And measured

Exodus 15:17
Thou bringest them in and plantest them, In the mountain of thine inheritance, Thy dwelling-place to abide in which thou hast made, O Yahweh, - A hallowed place O My Lord which thy hands have established.
Exodus 21:31
if, a son, he gore or, a daughter, he gore, according to this regulation, shall it be done to him;
Deuteronomy 32:8
When the Most High gave inheritances unto the nations, When he spread abroad the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the peoples, According to the number of the sons of Israel.
Acts 17:26
he made also, of one, every nation of men to dwell upon all the face of the earth, - marking out fitting opportunities, and the bounds of their dwelling place,

And drove

Joshua 10:42
Yea, all these kings and their land, did Joshua capture at one time, - because, Yahweh, God of Israel, fought for Israel.
Joshua 11:18
Many days, did Joshua, with all these kings, make war.
Nehemiah 9:22
And thou gavest them kingdoms, and peoples, and allotted to each of them a corner, - and they took possession of the land of Sihon, and the land of the king of Heshbon, and the land of Og king of Bashan.
Psalm 135:8
Who smote the firstborn of Egypt, both of man, and of beast;

The everlasting

Habakkuk 3:10
The mountains, have seen thee - they tremble, a downpour of waters, hath passed along, - the roaring deep, hath given forth, his voice, on high - his hand, hath he uplifted.
Genesis 49:26
The blessings of thy father, have prevailed, Over the blessings of the perpetual mountains, The charm of the age-abiding hills, - They turn out to be, for the head of Joseph, And for the crown of the head of him who was set apart from his brethren.
Deuteronomy 33:15
And with the chief of the ancient mountains, - And with the precious things of the age-abiding hills;
Judges 5:5
From, mountains, came down streams In presence of Yahweh, - From this Sinai, In presence of Yahweh, God of Israel.
Psalm 68:16
Wherefore start ye up, ye mountains, ye peaks? The mountain God hath coveted for his habitation, Surely, Yahweh will inhabit it ever!
Psalm 114:4
The mountains, started like rams, The hills like the young of the flock?
Isaiah 64:1
Would that thou hadst rent the heavens, hadst come down,
Nahum 1:5
Mountains, have trembled because of him, and, the hills, have melted, - and the earth, hath lifted itself up, at his presence, the world also, and all who dwell therein.
Zechariah 14:4
Yea his feet, shall stand, in that day, on the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives, shall cleave asunder, from the midst thereof, towards the east and towards the west, an exceeding great valley, - and half of the mountain, shall give way, toward the north, and half of it toward the south.


Psalm 103:17
But, the lovingkindness of Yahweh, is from one age even to another, Upon them who revere him, And his righteousness, to children's children: -
Isaiah 51:6
Lift up - to the heavens - your eyes, And look around to the earth beneath Though, the heavens, like smoke, should have vanished And, the earth, like a garment, should fall to pieces, And, her inhabitants, in like manner, should die, Yet, my salvation, unto times age-abiding, shall continue, And, my righteousness, shall not be broken down.
Micah 5:8
And, the remnant of Jacob, shall be among the nations, in the midst of many peoples, as a lion among the beasts of the jungle, as a young lion among flocks of sheep, - who, if he passeth by, both treadeth down - and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.
Matthew 24:35
The heaven and the earth, shall pass away, but, my words, shall, in nowise, pass away.
Luke 1:50
And his mercy is unto generations and generations, to them who revere him;
Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ, yesterday, and to-day, is the same, - and unto the ages.

General references

Deuteronomy 33:15
And with the chief of the ancient mountains, - And with the precious things of the age-abiding hills;
Psalm 114:4
The mountains, started like rams, The hills like the young of the flock?
Isaiah 24:19
The earth breaketh, breaketh, - The earth crasheth, crasheth, The earth tottereth, tottereth;
Isaiah 42:15
I will lay waste mountains, and hills, And all their vegetation, will I wither, - And I will make rivers to be shores, And lakes, will I dry up: