Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven:

Turn away

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Bible References


Matthew 17:5
While he was still speaking, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them; and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Listen to him!"
Acts 7:35
This Moses whom they rejected, saying, 'Who made you a ruler and a judge?' is the one God sent to be both a ruler and a deliverer by the hand of the angel who appeared to him in the bush.

If they

Hebrews 2:1
Therefore we must pay more careful attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.
Hebrews 3:17
And with whom was he angry for forty years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose bodies fell in the wilderness?
Hebrews 10:28
Anyone who has rejected the law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses.

Turn away

2 Timothy 4:4
and will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

General references

Luke 14:24
For I tell you, none of those men who were invited shall taste my banquet.'"