Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Hebrews 3:12
Be taking heed, brethren, lest at any time, there shall be in any one of you, a wicked heart of unbelief, in revolting from a Living God.
Exodus 8:15
But when Pharaoh saw that there had come a respite, then made he his heart dull and hearkened not unto them, - as spake Yahweh.
1 Samuel 6:6
Wherefore, then, should ye make your heart dull, as the Egyptians and Pharaoh made their heart dull! When he had done his great doings upon them, did they not let them go, and they departed?
2 Kings 17:14
Howbeit they hearkened not, - but stiffened their neck, like the neck of their fathers, who trusted not in Yahweh their God;
2 Chronicles 30:8
Now, do not stiffen your neck, like your fathers, - stretch forth the hand unto Yahweh, and enter into his sanctuary which he hath hallowed unto times age-abiding, and serve Yahweh your God, that he may turn from you the glow of his anger.
2 Chronicles 36:13
Moreover also - against King Nebuchadnezzar, he rebelled, who had made him swear by God,-and he stiffened his neck, and emboldened his heart, from turning unto Yahweh, God of Israel.
Nehemiah 9:16
But, they and our fathers, dealt proudly, - and hardened their neck, and hearkened not unto thy commandments;
Job 9:4
Wise in heart, and alert in vigour, What man hath hardened himself against him, and prospered!
Proverbs 28:14
How happy the man who is ever circumspect, whereas, he that hardeneth his heart, shall fall into calamity.
Proverbs 29:1
He that being often reproved stiffeneth his neck, suddenly shall be hurt, and there be no healing.
Jeremiah 7:26
Yet they hearkened not unto me, Neither inclined their ear, - But stiffened their neck, They did more wickedly than their fathers.
Ezekiel 3:7
But the house of Israel will not be willing to hearken unto thee, for they are not willing to hearken unto me, - for all the house of Israel are bold of forehead and hard of heart.
Daniel 5:20
But, when uplifted was his heart and, his spirit, became obstinate so as to act arrogantly, he was put down from the throne of his kingdom, and, his dignity, took they from him;
Zechariah 7:11
Howbeit they refused to give heed, but put forth a rebellious shoulder, - and, their ears, made they hard of hearing, that they might not hear;
Matthew 13:15
For the heart of this people hath become dense, and, with their ears, heavily have they heard, and, their eyes, have they closed, - lest, once they should see with their eyes, and, with their ears, should hear, and, with their hearts, should understand, and return; when I would certainly heal them.
Acts 19:9
But, when some were hardening themselves, and refusing to be persuaded, speaking evil of the Way before the throng, withdrawing from them, he separated the disciples; day by day, reasoning in the school of Tyrannus.
Romans 2:5
But, according to thy hardness, and thine impenitent heart, art treasuring up for thyself anger, in a day of anger and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, -


Numbers 14:11
Then said Yahweh unto How long! must this people, despise me? And how long can they not believe in me. in view of all the signs which I have done in their midst?
Deuteronomy 9:22
Also, at Taberah, and at Massah, and at Kibroth-hataavah, a cause of provocation, became ye unto Yahweh.
Psalm 78:56
But they tested and resisted God Most High, And, his testimonies, did not observe;


Exodus 17:7
So he called the name of the place, Massah, and Meribah, - because of the fault-finding of the sons of Israel, and because of their putting Yahweh to the proof, saying, Is Yahweh in our midst or is he not?
Deuteronomy 6:16
Ye shall not put Yahweh your God to the proof, - as ye put him to the proof in Massah that is, "The place of proving" .
Psalm 78:18
They put GOD to the proof in their heart, By asking food to their mind:
Psalm 106:14
But lusted a lust in the desert, and tested GOD in the waste.
1 Corinthians 10:9
Neither let us be putting the Lord to the test, as, some of them, put him to the test, and, by the serpents, were perishing;

General references

Exodus 7:13
Then waxed bold the heart of Pharaoh, and he hearkened not unto them, - as spake Yahweh.
2 Samuel 23:2
The Spirit of Yahweh, spake in me, - And, his word, was on my tongue;
Luke 8:6
And, other, fell down upon the rock; and, growing, was withered, because it had not moisture.