Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Hebrews 10:19
Having therefore, brothers, boldness for entrance into the holy things by the blood of Jesus,
Hebrews 13:6
So then we have confidence to say, Lord is a helper to me, and I will not fear. What will man do to me?
Romans 8:15
For ye did not receive a spirit of bondage again for fear, but ye received a spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.
Ephesians 2:18
because through him we both have the access in one Spirit to the Father.
Ephesians 3:12
in whom we have boldness and access in confidence through his faith.

The throne

Hebrews 9:5
And above it were cherubim of glory overshadowing the place of forgiveness, about which things it is not now to speak in detail.
Exodus 25:17
And thou shall make a mercy-seat of pure gold: two cubits and a half the length of it, and a cubit and a half the breadth of it.
Leviticus 16:2
and LORD said to Moses, Speak to Aaron thy brother, that he not come at all times into the holy place within the veil, before the mercy-seat which is upon the ark, that he not die, for I will appear in the cloud upon the mercy-seat
1 Chronicles 28:11
Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch [of the temple], and of the houses of it, and of the treasuries of it, and of the upper rooms of it, and of the inner chambers of it, and of the place of the mercy-seat,


Isaiah 27:11
When the boughs of it are withered, they shall be broken off. The women shall come, and set them on fire, for it is a people of no understanding. Therefore he who made them will not have compassion upon them, and he who formed them
Isaiah 55:6
Seek ye LORD while he may be found. Call ye upon him while he is near.
Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and ye will find. Knock, and it will be opened to you.
2 Corinthians 12:8
I besought the Lord thrice about this, that it might depart from me.
Philippians 4:6
Be anxious about nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thankfulness make your requests known to God.
1 Peter 2:10
Men formerly not a people, but now are a people of God. Men who had not obtained mercy, but who now have obtained mercy.

General references

Genesis 6:8
But Noah found favor in the eyes of LORD.
Genesis 18:29
And he spoke to him yet again, and said, Perhaps there shall be forty found there. And he said, I will not do it for the forty's sake.
Jeremiah 17:12
A glorious throne, [set] on high from the beginning, is the place of our sanctuary.
Ezekiel 46:10
And the ruler, when they go in, shall go in in the midst of them, and when they go forth, they shall go forth [together].
Mark 15:38
And the curtain of the temple was rent in two from the top to the bottom.
Ephesians 3:12
in whom we have boldness and access in confidence through his faith.
1 John 3:21
Beloved, if our heart should not condemn us, we have confidence toward God,