Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I have seen an horrible thing in the house of Israel: there is the whoredom of Ephraim, Israel is defiled.

Bible References

General references

Jeremiah 2:12
Be amazed, O ye heavens, at this, - And shudder, be dried up utterly, Urgeth Yahweh.
Jeremiah 5:30
An astounding and horrible thing, hath been brought to pass in the land:
Jeremiah 18:13
Therefore, Thus saith Yahweh, Ask I pray you among the nations, - Who hath heard such things as these? A very horrible thing, hath, the virgin, Israel done!
Jeremiah 23:14
But among the prophets of Jerusalem, have I seen a horrible thing, - Committing adultery, And walking in falsehood, And so strengthening the hands of doers of wickedness, not to return any man from his wickedness: They have all of them become to me as Sodom, And her inhabitants as Gomorrah.


Hosea 4:11
Unchastity, and wine, and new wine, take away the heart.
Hosea 5:3
I, have known Ephraim, and, Israel, hath not been hidden from me, - for, now, hast thou committed unchastity, O Ephraim, Israel, hath made himself impure.
1 Kings 12:8
But he declined the counsel of the elders which they gave him, and consulted with the young men, who had grown up with him, who were standing before himself;
1 Kings 15:30
for the sins of Jeroboam which he committed, and which he caused, Israel, to commit, - by his provocation wherewith he provoked to anger Yahweh God of Israel.
2 Kings 17:7
And thus it came to pass that Israel sinned against Yahweh their God, who brought them up out of the land of Egypt, from under the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt, - yea they did reverence to other gods;
Jeremiah 3:6
And Yahweh said unto me, in the days of Josiah the king, Hast thou seen what apostate Israel, did? She used to go upon every high mountain and beneath every green tree, and commit unchastity there.
Ezekiel 23:5
Then became Oholah unchaste after she had become mine- And lusted after her lovers, For Assyrians, so warlike,