Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


They shall not offer wine offerings to the LORD, neither shall they be pleasing unto him: their sacrifices shall be unto them as the bread of mourners; all that eat thereof shall be polluted: for their bread for their soul shall not come into the house of the LORD.

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Bible References

Shall not

Hosea 3:4
For, many days, shall the sons of Israel tarry, without king, and without ruler, and without sacrifice, and without pillar; and without ephod, or household gods.
Joel 1:13
Gird yourselves and beat the breast - ye priests, howl, ye attendants of the altar, go in and wrap yourselves for the night in sackcloth, ye attendants on my God, - for, withholden from the house of your God, are the meal-offering and the drink- offering.
Joel 2:14
Who knoweth, he may turn and grieve, - and leave behind him, a blessing, a meal-offering and a drink-offering, to Yahweh your God?


Hosea 8:13
My sacrificial gifts, have they been sacrificing as common flesh, and have eaten, Yahweh, hath not accepted them, - Now, will he call to mind their iniquity, that he may punish their sin, they, to Egypt, will return.
Isaiah 1:11
Of what use to me, is your multitude of sacrifices: Saith Yahweh: I am sated with ascending-offerings of rams and the fat of fed beasts, - In the blood of bulls and young rams and he-goats, have I no pleasure.
Isaiah 57:6
Among the smooth stones of the torrent - valley, is thy portion. They, they, are thy lot; Even to them, hast thou Poured out a drink-offering. Caused to ascend a gift. Over these things, can I cease to grieve?
Isaiah 66:3
He that slaughtereth an ox, is as one who smiteth a man, He that sacrificeth a lamb, is as one who beheadeth a dog, he that causeth a meal-offering to ascend, offereth it with the blood of swine, He that maketh a memorial of frankincense, is as one who blesseth iniquity: They indeed, have chosen their own ways, And in their own abominations, their soul hath found delight;
Jeremiah 6:20
What then is it to me that - Frankincense from Shebah come in, or Sweet cane from a land afar off? Your own ascending-offerings, are not acceptable, Nor are, your sacrifices, pleasing to me.
Amos 4:4
Enter ye Bethel, and transgress, At Gilgal, cause transgression, to abound, - Yea, carry in, every morning, your sacrifices, every three days, your tithes;
Amos 5:22
Nay, though ye cause to ascend unto me ascending-sacrifices, and your meal-offerings, I will not accept them , - nor, the peace-offering of your fat heifers, will I regard.
Malachi 1:9
Now, therefore, pacify, I pray you, the face of GOD, that he may grant us favour, - at your hands, hath this come to pass, Will he lift up the countenances, of any of you? saith Yahweh of hosts.


Numbers 19:11
He that toucheth the dead, even any human person, shall be unclean seven days.
Deuteronomy 26:14
I have not eaten in my sorrow therefrom neither have I removed therefrom when unclean, neither have I given thereof unto the dead, - I have hearkened unto the voice of Yahweh my God, I have done according to all which thou hast commanded me.
Nehemiah 8:9
Then Nehemiah - he, was the governor - and Ezra the priest the scribe, and the Levites who were causing the people to understand, said unto all the people, To-day, is, holy, unto Yahweh your God, do not mourn, nor weep, - for, weeping, were all the people, when they heard the words of the law.
Ezekiel 24:17
To groan, forbear, Over the dead - no mourning, shalt thou make Thy chaplet, bind thou on thee And thy sandals:, put thou on thy feet, And thou shalt not cover thy beard, And the bread of other men, shalt thou not eat.
Malachi 2:13
And, this, a second time, will ye do, covering with tears, the altar of Yahweh, weeping and making outcry, - because he will not again turn unto the gift, and receive it with acceptance, at your hands?

Their bread

Exodus 40:23
and set in order thereupon the arrangement of bread before Yahweh, - As Yahweh commanded Moses.
Leviticus 17:11
For as for the life of the flesh, in the blood, it is, therefore have, I, given it unto you upon the altar, to put a propitiatory-covering over your lives, - for the blood, it is, which, by virtue of the life, maketh propitiation.
Leviticus 21:6
Holy persons, shall they be unto their God, and not profane the name of their God, - for, the altar-flames of Yahweh, the food of their God, do they bring near - Therefore shall they be holy.
Numbers 4:7
And over the Presence-table, shall they spread a wrapper of blue and put thereon the dishes and the pans and the bowls and the libation cups, the perpetual bread also, thereupon, shall remain;
Numbers 28:2
Command the sons of Israel, and thou shalt say unto them, - My offering, my food for my altar-flames my satisfying odour, shall ye take heed to offer unto me in its season,
Amos 8:11
Lo! days are coming, Declareth My Lord, Yahweh, that I will send a hunger throughout the land, - not a hunger for food, nor a thirst for water, but for hearing the words of Yahweh;
John 6:51
I, am the living bread, which, out of heaven, came down: If one eat of this bread, he shall live unto times age-abiding; and, the bread, moreover, which, I, will give, is, my flesh - for the world's life.

General references

Ezekiel 4:13
Then said Yahweh, In like manner, shall the sons of Israel eat their bread defiled, - among the nations whither I will drive them.