Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver; and as for gold, they shall not delight in it.

Shall not regard

Bible References

I will

Isaiah 13:3
I myself, have given charge to my hallowed ones, - Yea I have called My heroes in showing mine anger, My proudly exulting ones. The noise of a multitude in the mountains A resemblance of many people, -
Isaiah 21:2
So hath, a grievous vision, been told me: - the deceiver, is deceiving. And the spoiler, is spoiling, Go up, O Elam Besiege O Media, All the sighing she hath caused, have I made to cease.
Isaiah 41:25
I have roused up one from the North, and he hath come, From the rising of the sun, calleth he on my Name, - And he hath come, on deputies, as though they were mortar, And as a potter treadeth clay.
Jeremiah 50:9
For lo! I am rousing and bringing up against Babylon a gathered host of great nations, out of the land of the North, And they shall array themselves against her, From thence, shall she be captured, - His arrows, are as of a hero making childless, None shall return empty.
Jeremiah 51:11
Polish the arrows, Lay hold of the shields, - Yahweh hath roused the spirit of the kings of the Medes, For against Babylon, his purpose is, to destroy her, - For it is, The avenging of Yahweh, The avenging of his temple.
Daniel 5:28
P'res, - snatched away is thy kingdom, and given to the Medes and Persians.

Shall not regard

Proverbs 6:34
For, jealousy, is the rage of a man, nor will he spare, in the day of avenging;

General references

Psalm 94:6
The widow and sojourner, they will slay, And, the fatherless, murder.
Isaiah 13:12
I will cause, a man, to be more precious than fine gold, - Even a son of earth than, the finest gold of Ophir.
Jeremiah 50:41
Lo! a people coming in from the North, - Yea, a great nation and many kings, shall be round up out of the remote parts of the earth: