Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

Maketh the

Isaiah 1:7
Your land made desolate, your cities burnt with fire, your land before your strangers eating it up, and made desolate, as the overthrow of strangers.
Isaiah 5:6
And I will make it a desolation; it shall not be pruned and it shall not be dressed, and there came up sharp points and thorns: and upon the clouds I will command from raining rain upon it
Isaiah 6:11
And saying, How long, O Lord? And he will say, Till when the cities were laid waste from not being inhabited, and the houses from not a man, and the land shall be laid waste with desolation.
Isaiah 7:17
Jehovah shall bring upon thee and upon thy people, and upon thy father's house, days which came not, from the day Ephraim turned away from Judah; the king of Assur.
Isaiah 27:10
For the fortified city was separated, the habitation being cast out and forsaken as the desert: there shall the Isaiah 27:calf feed, and there he shall lie down, and there he finished its branches.
Isaiah 32:13
Upon the land of my people shall come up the thorn of the sharp point; so upon the houses of rejoicing of the exulting city.
Isaiah 42:15
I will lay waste mountains and hills, and I will dry up all their green herbage; and I set the rivers for islands, and I will dry up the pools.
Jeremiah 4:7
The lion came up from his thicket, and destroying, he broke up the nations; he went forth from his place to set thy land for a desolation; thy cities shall be laid waste from none inhabiting.
Ezekiel 5:14
And I will give thee for a waste, and for a reproach among the nations which are round about thee, before the eyes of all passing by.
Ezekiel 6:6
In all your dwellings the cities shalt be laid waste, and the heights shall be made desolate; so that your altars shall be laid waste and destroyed, and your blocks were broken and ceased, and your images were cut down, and your works were wiped away.
Ezekiel 12:20
And the cities being inhabited shall be laid waste, and the land shall be a desolation; and they knew that I am Jehovah.
Ezekiel 24:11
And cause it to stand upon its coals, empty, so that its brass shall be warm and burning, and its uncleanness was melted in the midst of it; its rust shall be consumed.
Ezekiel 35:14
Thus said the Lord Jehovah: When all the earth rejoiced I will make thee a desolation.
Nahum 2:10
She was emptied, and being emptied, and being made empty: and the heart melted, and a wavering of the knees, and trembling in all loins, and the face of them all gathered a glow.
Luke 21:24
And they shall fall by the mouth of the sword, and they shall be made captives in all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down by all the nations, till the times of the nations should be completed.

Turneth it upside down

Isaiah 29:16
Shall not your perverting be reckoned as the potter's clay? for shall the work say to him making it, He made me not? andhebeing formed, say to him forming, He understood not?
2 Kings 21:13
And I stretched over Jerusalem the cord of Shomeron, and the weight of the house of Ahab: and I wiped off Jerusalem as one will wipe dishes, wiping, and turning upon its face.
Psalm 146:9
Jehovah watched the strangers he will restore the orphan and the widow, and he will overturn the way of the unjust
Acts 17:6
And not having found them, they drew Jason and certain brethren to the rulers of the city, crying, That those having subverted the habitable globe, these also are present here;


Deuteronomy 4:27
And Jehovah scattered you among the peoples, and ye remained men of number among the nations where Jehovah will lead you there.
Deuteronomy 28:64
And Jehovah scattered thee among all peoples from the end of the earth even to the end of the earth; and thou servedst there other gods which thou knewest not, thou and thy fathers, wood and stone.
Deuteronomy 32:26
I have said I will blow them away, I will turn away their remembrance from man;
Nehemiah 1:8
Remember now the word that thou didst command Moses thy servant, saying, Ye will transgress; I will scatter you among the nations:
Jeremiah 9:16
And I scattered them in the nations which they knew not, they and their fathers: and I sent after them the sword till I consumed them.
Jeremiah 40:15
And Johanan son of Kareah said to Gedaliah in Mizpeh, in secret, saying, I will go now and strike Ishmael son of Nethaniah, and no man shall know: wherefore shall he strike the soul, and all the Jews gathered to thee be scattered, and the remnant of Judah perish?
Jeremiah 50:17
Israel a scattered sheep; the lions thrust away: first the king of Assur consumed him; and the last this Nebuchadnezzar king of Babel bound him fast
Ezekiel 5:2
Thou shalt burn the third in fire in the midst of the city, according to the filling up of the days of the siege: and taking the third thou shalt strike it with the sword round about it; and the third thou shalt scatter to the wind; and I will draw out the sword after them.
Zechariah 13:7
O sword, be raised up against my shepherd, and against the man of my fellowship, says Jehovah of armies: strike the shepherd and the sheep shall be scattered; and I turned back my hand upon the little ones.
James 1:1
James, servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes in the dispersion, health.

General references

Isaiah 24:19
And being broken, the earth was broken to pieces, and the earth being abolished, it was abolished; the earth being shaken, shook.