Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Genesis 41:42
And Pharaoh will remove his signet ring from his hand, and will give it upon Joseph's hand; and will put upon him a white garment, and will put a gold collar about his neck.
Esther 8:12
In one day in all the provinces of king Ahasuerus, in the thirteenth to the twelfth month, this the month Adar.
Song of Songs 5:14
His hands rings of gold completed in Tarshish: his bowels wrought ivory covered over with sapphires.
Luke 15:22
And the father said to his servants, Bring out the first robe, and clothe him; and give a ring for his hand, and shoes for the feet:
James 2:2
For if there come into your synagogue a man wearing gold rings on is fingers, in brilliant clothing, and there come in also a beggar in filthy clothing;

Nose jewels

Genesis 24:47
And I shall ask her and say., Whose daughter thou? And she will say, The daughter of Bethuel, son of Nahor, whom Milcah brought forth to him: and I shall place the ring upon her face, and the bracelets upon her hands.
1 Timothy 2:9
And likewise the women in well-arranged simplicity, with modesty and discretion, arrange themselves; not in tresses, or gold, or pearls, or expensive clothing;
1 Peter 3:3
Whose outside let it not be of the interweaving of hairs, and of putting round of gold, or of putting on of garments, the arrangement;