Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.

General references

Bible References

Her gates

Jeremiah 14:2
Judah mourneth, And the gates thereof, pine They lie in gloom on the ground, - And the outcry Jerusalem, hath ascended;
Lamentations 1:4
The ways to Zion, are mourning, because none come to her appointed feasts, All her gates, are desolate, her priests, are sighing, - her virgins, are grieved, and, she, it is bitter for her.

Shall sit

Isaiah 47:1
Down - and sit in the dust, O virgin Daughter of Babylon, Sit on the ground - throneless, Daughter of the Chaldeans; For thou shalt no more be called Tender and Dainty.
Job 2:8
And he took him a potsherd, to scrape himself therewith; he being seated in the midst of ashes.
Lamentations 2:10
Seated on the ground, in silence, are the elders of the daughter of Zion, They have lifted up dust on their head, have girded themselves with sackcloth, - Bowed down to the ground is the head, of the virgins of Jerusalem.
Ezekiel 26:16
Then shall come down from off their thrones all the princes of the sea, And shall lay aside their robes. And their embroidered garments, shall strip off, - With tremblings, shall they clothe them. selves Upon the ground, shall they sit, And shall tremble every moment and be astonished over thee.
Luke 19:44
And will level thee with the ground, and thy children within thee, and will not leave, stone on stone, within thee: because thou didst not get to know the season of thy visitation.

General references

Ezekiel 12:20
Yea the cities that are inhabited I shall be laid waste, And the land, shall become m astonish- men, - So shall ye know that, I am Yahweh.