Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.

Bible References

In returning

Isaiah 30:7
But, the Egyptians, with vanity and emptiness, would help, - Therefore have I proclaimed concerning this, Insolent, they sit still!
Isaiah 7:4
and say unto him - Take heed and keep thyself calm - do not fear, neither let thy heart be faint, because of these two fag-ends of smoking firebrands, - in spite of the glow of the anger of Rezin and Syria and the son of Remaliah.
Isaiah 26:3
A purpose sustained, thou wilt guard, saying , Prosper! Prosper! Because in thee, hath he been led to trust.
Isaiah 32:17
And the yield of righteousness, shall be, peace, - And the tillage of righteousness, quietness, and confidence! to times age-abiding;
1 Chronicles 5:20
and were helped against them, and the Hagrites and all that were with them were delivered into their hand, - for, unto God, made they outcry, in the war, and he suffered himself to be entreated by them, because they put their trust in him;
2 Chronicles 16:8
Were not, the Ethiopians and the Lybians, a huge host, with chariots and horsemen exceeding many? yet, because thou didst lean upon Yahweh, he delivered them into thy hand.
2 Chronicles 32:8
with him, is an arm of flesh, but, with us, is Yahweh our God, to help us, and to fight our battles. And the people leaned upon the words of Hezekiah king of Judah.
Psalm 125:1
They who trust in Yahweh, are like Mount Zion, which shall not be shaken, Age-abidingly, shall it remain.
Jeremiah 3:22
Return ye apostate sons, I will heal your apostasies! Behold us! we have come unto thee, For thou, art Yahweh our God.
Hosea 14:1
Return thou, O Israel, unto Yahweh thy God, - for thou hast stumbled by thine iniquity.

And ye

Psalm 80:11
It thrust forth its branches as far as the sea, - And, unto the River, its shoots.
Jeremiah 44:16
As touching the word which thou hast spoken unto us, in the name of Yahweh we are not going to hearken unto thee;
Matthew 22:3
And sent his servants, to call the invited into the marriage-feast, - and they would not come.
Matthew 23:37
Jerusalem! Jerusalem! that slayeth the prophets, and stoneth them that have been sent unto her, - how often, would I have gathered thy children, like as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, - and ye would not!
Luke 13:34
Jerusalem! Jerusalem! she that slayeth the prophets, and stoneth them that are sent unto her! How often, have I desired to gather together thy children, like as a hen, her own brood, under her wings, - and ye did not desire!
John 5:40
And yet ye choose not to come unto me, that, life, ye may have.
Hebrews 12:25
Beware, lest ye excuse yourselves from him that speaketh; for, if, they escaped not, who excused themselves from him who on earth was warning, how much less, shall, we, who from him that warneth from the heavens, do turn ourselves away: