Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they shall not be sown: yea, their stock shall not take root in the earth: and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble.

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Bible References

They shall not be planted

Isaiah 14:21
Prepare slaughter for his sons, for the iniquity of their fathers; they shall not rise and possess the land, and fill the face of the habitable globe with cities.
Isaiah 17:11
In the day of thy planting thou shalt hedge in, and in the morning thou shalt make thy seed fruitful: the harvest a heap in the day of thy possession and incurable pain.
1 Kings 21:21
Behold me bringing evil to thee, and I took away after thee, and I cut off to Ahab him pissing against a wall and him shut up and left in Israel;
2 Kings 10:11
And Jehu will strike all those being left to the house of Ahab in Jezreel, and all his great, and all his acquaintance, and his priests, till he left to him nothing escaping.
Job 15:30
He shall not depart from darkness; the flame shall dry up his suckers, and by the breath of his mouth shall he depart
Job 18:16
From underneath, his roots shall be dried up, and from above, his harvest shall be cut off.
Jeremiah 22:30
Thus said Jehovah, Write ye this man destitute, a man shall not prosper in his days: for not a man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling yet in Judah.
Nahum 1:14
And Jehovah commanded concerning thee, of thy name no more shall be sown: from the house of thy God I will cut off the carved image and the molten image: I will set thy grave, for thou wert contemned.

He shall also

Isaiah 40:7
The grass was dried up, the flower fell away: for the spirit of Jehovah blew upon it: surely the people grass.
Isaiah 11:4
And he judged the powerless with justice, and he decided in straightness for the humble of the earth: and he struck the earth with the rod of his mouth, and by the spirit of his lips he will slay the unjust.
Isaiah 30:33
For tophet was set in order from yesterday; also it was prepared; for the king, he made deep, he made broad, its pile fire and much wood; the breath of Jehovah as a torrent of pitch burned upon it
Isaiah 37:7
Behold me giving a spirit into him and he heard a report, and he turned back to his land; and I caused him to fall by the sword in his land.
2 Samuel 22:16
The torrents of the sea will be seen, The foundations of the habitable globe will be uncovered, In the rebuke of Jehovah, from the breath of the spirit of his anger.
Job 4:9
By the breath of God they shall perish, and from the spirit of his anger they shall be finished.
Haggai 1:9
Looking for much, and behold, to little; and ye brought to the house and I blew upon it For what? says Jehovah of armies. Because of mine house that it was laid waste, and ye run each to his house.

And the

Isaiah 17:13
To the nations as the tumult of many waters they shall rage, and he rebuked him and he fled from far off and was pursued as the chief of the mountains before the wind and as stubble before the whirlwind.
Isaiah 41:16
Thou shalt winnow them, and the wind shall lift them up, and the storm shall scatter them: and thou shalt rejoice in Jehovah, and glory in the Holy One of Israel.
Job 21:18
They shall be as straw before the wind, and as chaff the storm stole it away.
Psalm 58:9
Before your pots shall perceive the thorn, as living, as in wrath, he will sweep him away.
Proverbs 1:27
In your terror coming as a destroying tempest, and your ruin shall come as a whirlwind; in the coming upon you of straits and distress.
Jeremiah 23:19
Behold, the storm of Jehovah went forth with wrath, a piercing storm; it shall be hurled upon the head of the evil ones.
Hosea 13:3
For this they shall be as the cloud of the morning, and as the early dew going way; as the chaff will be driven from the threshing-floor on the wind, and as the smoke from the chimney.
Zechariah 7:14
And I will toss them about among all the nations which they knew not: and the land was desolate after them from passing through and from turning back: and they shall set the land of desire for a desolation.
Zechariah 9:14
And Jehovah will be seen upon them, and his arrow shall go forth as lightning: and the Lord Jehovah will strike upon the trumpet, and he went with tempests of the south.

General references

Jeremiah 23:19
Behold, the storm of Jehovah went forth with wrath, a piercing storm; it shall be hurled upon the head of the evil ones.