Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

General references

Bible References

The word

Isaiah 46:10
Announcing the last part from the beginning, and from of old what was not done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my delight:
Isaiah 55:10
For as the rain coming down and the snow from the heavens, and shall not turn back there, but watering the earth and causing it to bring forth and sprout, and giving seed to be sown, and bread to be eaten;
Psalm 119:89
Forever, O Jehovah, thy word was set in the heavens.
Zechariah 1:6
But the words and the laws which I commanded my servants the prophets, did they not reach your fathers? and they will turn back and say, As Jehovah of armies purposed to do to us according to our ways and according to our doings, so he did with us.
Matthew 5:18
For verily I say to you, Till heaven pass away, and earth, one iota, or one mark, should not pass away from the law, till all should be
Matthew 24:35
The heaven and the earth shall pass away, but my words should not pass away.
Mark 13:31
Heaven and earth shall pass away, and my words shall not pass away.
John 10:35
If he called them gods, to whom the word of God came, and the writing cannot be loosed;
John 12:34
The crowd answered him, We have heard out of the law that Christ remains forever: and how sayest thou That the Son of man must be lifted up? who is this Son of man?
Romans 3:1
What then the superiority of the Jew or what the advantage of circumcision?
1 Peter 1:25
And the word of the Lord remains forever. And this is the word having announced good news to you.

General references

Luke 21:33
Heaven and earth shall pass away: and my words shall not pass away.