Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

Bible References

Will hold

Isaiah 43:6
I will say to the north wind, Give up, and to the south, Do not keep back; bring my sons from far and my daughters from the ends of the earth
Isaiah 45:1
Thus saith the LORD to his Messiah, to Cyrus, whom I have taken by his right hand to subdue Gentiles before him and to loose the loins of kings. To open before him the two-leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut:
Isaiah 51:18
There is no one to guide her among all the sons whom she has brought forth; neither is there any that takes her by the hand of all the sons that she has brought up.
Deuteronomy 33:26
There is no other like unto the God of Jeshurun, who rides upon the heavens for thy help, in the clouds with his excellency.
Psalm 63:8
My soul has followed hard after thee; thy right hand has upheld me.
Psalm 73:23
Nevertheless I was continually with thee; thou hast apprehended me by my right hand.
Psalm 109:31
For he shall stand at the right hand of the poor in spirit to save his soul from those that judge him.
2 Timothy 4:17
But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, that by me the preaching might be fully known and that all the Gentiles might hear, and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.

General references

Joshua 10:8
And the LORD said unto Joshua, Do not fear them; for I have delivered them into thy hand; there shall not a man of them stand before thee.
Psalm 139:10
even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.
Mark 9:27
But Jesus, taking him by the hand, straightened him up; and he arose.
Acts 12:24
But the word of the Lord grew and multiplied.