Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


In the LORD shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.

Bible References

The seed

Isaiah 45:19
Not in secret, have I spoken In a place of the earth that is dark, - I have not said unto the seed of Jacob, In a waste, seek ye me, - I, am Yahweh, Speaking the thing that is right, Declaring the things that are just.
Isaiah 61:9
Then shall be known among the nations, their seed, And, their offspring, in the midst of the peoples, - A who see them, shall acknowledge them, That, they, are the seed that Yahweh hath blessed.
Isaiah 65:9
Therefore will I bring forth Out of Jacob, a seed, and Out of Judah, an inheritor of my mountains, That my chosen ones may inherit it, And, my servants, dwell there;
1 Chronicles 16:13
O ye seed of Israel his servant, sons of Jacob his chosen ones:
Psalm 22:23
Ye that revere Yahweh, praise him, All ye the seed of Jacob, glorify him, And, stand in awe of him, all ye seed of Israel.
Romans 4:16
For this cause, it is by faith, in order that it may be by way of favour, so that the promise is firm unto all the seed, - not unto that by the law only, but unto that also which is such by the faith of Abraham; who is father of us all, -
Romans 9:6
It is not, however, as though the word of God had failed; for, not all they who are of Israel, the same are Israel.
Galatians 3:27
For ye, as many as, into Christ, have been immersed, have put Christ, on:

General references

Luke 1:46
And Mary said - My soul doth magnify the Lord,
Luke 2:31
Which thou hast prepared in face of all the peoples:
1 Corinthians 1:31
In order that, even as it is written - He that boasteth, in the Lord, let him boast.
2 Corinthians 10:17
He that boasteth, however, in the Lord, let him boast;