Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.

A ravenous bird

Bible References


Isaiah 13:2
Lift ye up a signal upon the bare mountain, lift up the voice to them; move the hand to and fro and they shall come in to the entrances of the noble minded.
Isaiah 21:7
He will see a chariot, a pair of horse men, the rider of an ass, the rider of a camel; and listening, he listened with much attention.
Isaiah 41:2
Who raised up justice from the sunrising? he shall call him to his foot; he will give the nations before him; and he will bring down kings: he will give as the dust of his sword, as driven straw, his bow.
Isaiah 45:1
Thus said Jehovah to his Messiah, to Cyrus whom I held by his right hand to bring down nations before him; and I will loosen the loins of kings to open before him the doors; and the gates shall not be shut
Jeremiah 50:29
Cause ye many to be heard against Babel: all ye bending the bow encamp against her round about; there shall be no escaping: requite her according to her work; according to all she did, do to her: for she acted proudly against Jehovah, against the Holy One of Israel.
Jeremiah 51:20
Thou a mallet to me, a weapon of war: and I broke the nations in pieces with thee, and I destroyed kingdoms with thee;

A ravenous bird

Ezekiel 39:4
Upon the mountains of Israel shalt thou fall, thou and all thy hosts, and the peoples which are with thee: to the ravenous bird, the bird of every wing, and to the beasts of the field I gave to consume.

The man

Isaiah 44:28
Saying to Cyrus, My shepherd, and he shall complete all my delight: and saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built; and the temple shall be founded.
Isaiah 45:13
I mused him up in justice, and I will make straight all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall send away my captivity, not by price and not by a gift, said Jehovah of armies.
Isaiah 48:14
Assemble, all ye, and hear; who among them announced these things? Jehovah loved him: he will do his delight upon Babel, and his arm upon the Chaldeans
Ezra 1:2
Thus said Cyrus king of Persia, All the kingdoms of the earth Jehovah gave to me, the God of the heavens; and he charged upon me to build for him a house in Jerusalem which is in Judah.
Psalm 76:10
For the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath thou wilt gird up.
Acts 4:28
To do what thy hands and thy counsel predestinated to be.

I have spoken

Isaiah 14:24
Jehovah of armies sware, saying, If not as I purposed thus it was, and as I counseled, this shall stand:
Isaiah 38:15
What shall I speak? and he said to me, and he did: I shall go slowly all my years upon the bitterness of my soul.
Numbers 23:19
God is not man, and will he lie? and the son of man, and will he grieve? Did he say, and will he not do? and speak, and will he not establish?
Job 23:13
And he is in one, and who shall turn him back? and his soul desired, and he will do.
Jeremiah 50:45
For this, hear ye the counsel of Jehovah which he counseled against Babel; and his purposes which he purposed against the land of the Chaldeans: if the last of the flock shall not drag them out: if he shall not lay waste the habitation upon them.
Acts 5:39
And if it is of God, ye cannot destroy it; lest ye also be found contenders against God.
Ephesians 1:11
In whom also we were cast by lot, determined beforehand according to the purpose of him performing all things according to the counsel of his will:
Ephesians 3:11
According to the purpose of times immemorial which he made in Christ Jesus our Lord:

General references

Proverbs 21:30
No wisdom and no understanding, and no counsel against Jehovah.
Isaiah 7:7
Thus said the Lord Jehovah, It shall not stand, and it shall not be.
Matthew 24:25
Behold, I have told you beforehand.
Ephesians 3:11
According to the purpose of times immemorial which he made in Christ Jesus our Lord: