1 Hear this, ye house of Jacob, being called by the name of Israel, and from the water of Judah they came forth swearing by the name of Jehovah, and by the God of Israel they shall bring to remembrance, not in truth and not in justice. 2 For they were called of the holy city, and rested themselves upon the God of Israel; Jehovah of armies his name. 3 From then I announced the former things, and they went forth out of my Mouth, and I caused them to be heard; I did suddenly, and they shall come. 4 From my knowledge that thou wert hard, and thy neck an iron sinew, and thy forehead of brass: 5 I will announce to thee from then; before it shall come I caused thee to hear, lest thou shalt say, My image did them; and my carved image, and my Molten image commanded them. 6 Thou heardest, seeing it all; and will ye not announce? I caused thee to hear new things from now, and hidden things, and thou knewest them not 7 Now were they created and not from then; and before the day and thou heardest them not; lest thou shalt say, Behold, I knew them. 8 Also thou heardest not; also thou knewest not; also from then thine ear was not opened: for I knew, acting deceitfully, thou wilt act deceitfully, and it was called to thee transgressing from the womb. 9 For sake of my name I will delay Mine anger; I will be muzzled towards thee, not cutting thee of 10 Behold, I purified thee and not with silver; I chose thee in the furnace of affliction. 11 For my :sake, for my sake will I do: for how shall it be defiled? and I will not give my glory to another.
12 Hear to me, O Jacob and Israel, my calling; I am he, I the firsts also I the last 13 Also my hand will found the earth, and my right hand spread out the heavens: -I call to them, they shall stand together. 14 Assemble, all ye, and hear; who among them announced these things? Jehovah loved him: he will do his delight upon Babel, and his arm upon the Chaldeans 15 I, I spike; also I called him: I brought him, and his way prospered. 16 Draw ye near to me, hear this; I spake not in secret in the beginning; from the time of its being, there was I: and now the Lord Jehovah sent me, and his spirit
17 Thus said Jehovah redeeming thee, the Holy One of Israel: I Jehovah thy God teaching thee to profit, causing thee to tread in a way thou shalt go. 18 Would thou didst attend to my commands! and thy peace shall be as a river, and thy justice as the billows of the sea. 19 And thy seed shall be as the sand, and the offspring of thy bowels as its bowels; his name shall not be cut off and shall not be destroyed from before me.
20 Go ye forth from Babel; flee from the Chaldeans; with the voice of shouting, announce ye; cause this to be heard; cause it to go forth, even to the extremity o the earth; say ye, Jehovah redeemed his servant Jacob. 21 And they thirsted not causing them to go in dry places: he caused the waters to flow out of the rock for them: and he will cleave asunder the rock, and the waters will flow out 22 No peace, said Jehovah, to the unjust