Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.

General references

Bible References


1 Kings 22:19
And he saith, 'Therefore, hear a word of Jehovah; I have seen Jehovah sitting on His throne, and all the host of the heavens standing by Him, on His right and on His left;
Job 1:6
And the day is, that sons of God come in to station themselves by Jehovah, and there doth come also the Adversary in their midst.
Daniel 7:10
A flood of fire is proceeding and coming forth from before Him, a thousand thousands do serve Him, and a myriad of myriads before Him do rise up, the Judge is seated, and the books have been opened.
Zechariah 3:4
And he answereth and speaketh unto those standing before him, saying: 'Turn aside the filthy garments from off him.' And he saith unto him, 'See, I have caused thine iniquity to pass away from off thee, so as to clothe thee with costly apparel.'
Luke 1:10
and all the multitude of the people were praying without, at the hour of the perfume.
Revelation 7:11
And all the messengers stood around the throne, and the elders and the four living creatures, and they fell upon their face, and bowed before God,


Psalm 104:4
Making His messengers -- the winds, His ministers -- the flaming fire.
Ezekiel 1:4
And I look, and lo, a tempestuous wind is coming from the north, a great cloud, and fire catching itself, and brightness to it round about, and out of its midst as the colour of copper, out of the midst of the fire.
Hebrews 1:7
and unto the messengers, indeed, He saith, 'Who is making His messengers spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire;'


Exodus 25:20
And the cherubs have been spreading out wings on high, covering the mercy-seat over with their wings, and their faces are one towards another -- towards the mercy-seat are the faces of the cherubs.
Exodus 37:9
and the cherubs are spreading out wings on high, covering over the mercy-seat with their wings, and their faces are one towards another; towards the mercy-seat have the faces of the cherubs been.
1 Kings 6:24
and five cubits is the one wing of the cherub, and five cubits the second wing of the cherub, ten cubits from the ends of its wings even unto the ends of its wings;
1 Kings 8:7
for the cherubs are spreading forth two wings unto the place of the ark, and the cherubs cover over the ark, and over its staves from above;
Ezekiel 1:6
and four faces are to each, and four wings are to each of them,
Ezekiel 10:21
Four faces are to each, and four wings to each, and the likeness of the hands of man is under their wings.
Revelation 4:8
And the four living creatures, each by itself severally, had six wings, around and within are full of eyes, and rest they have not day and night, saying, 'Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was, and who is, and who is coming;'

Covered his face

Genesis 17:3
And Abram falleth upon his face, and God speaketh with him, saying,
Exodus 3:6
He saith also, 'I am the God of thy father, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob;' and Moses hideth his face, for he is afraid to look towards God.
1 Kings 19:13
and it cometh to pass, at Elijah's hearing it, that he wrappeth his face in his robe, and goeth out, and standeth at the opening of the cave, and lo, unto him is a voice, and it saith, 'What -- to thee, here, Elijah?'
Psalm 89:7
God is very terrible, In the secret counsel of His holy ones, And fearful over all surrounding Him.

His feet

Job 4:18
Lo, in His servants He putteth no credence, Nor in His messengers setteth praise.'
Job 15:15
Lo, in His holy ones He putteth no credence, And the heavens have not been pure in His eyes.
Ezekiel 1:11
And their faces and their wings are separate from above, to each are two joining together, and two are covering their bodies.

Did fly

Isaiah 6:6
And flee unto me doth one of the seraphs, and in his hand a burning coal, (with tongs he hath taken it from off the altar,)
Psalm 18:10
And He rideth on a cherub, and doth fly, And He flieth on wings of wind.
Psalm 103:20
Bless Jehovah, ye His messengers, Mighty in power -- doing His word, To hearken to the voice of His Word.
Ezekiel 10:16
And in the going of the cherubs, the wheels go beside them; and in the cherubs lifting up their wings to be high above the earth, the wheels turn not round, even they, from being beside them.
Daniel 9:21
yea, while I am speaking in prayer, then that one Gabriel, whom I had seen in vision at the commencement, being caused to fly swiftly, is coming unto me at the time of the evening present.
Revelation 8:13
And I saw, and I heard one messenger, flying in the mid-heaven, saying with a great voice, 'Woe, woe, woe, to those dwelling upon the land from the rest of the voices of the trumpet of the three messengers who are about to sound.'
Revelation 14:6
And I saw another messenger flying in mid-heaven, having good news age-during to proclaim to those dwelling upon the earth, and to every nation, and tribe, and tongue, and people,

General references

Psalm 89:7
God is very terrible, In the secret counsel of His holy ones, And fearful over all surrounding Him.