Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?

General references

Bible References

Hath not

James 1:9
A brother of low position ought to be proud of his eminence,
Matthew 11:5
The blind are regaining their sight and the lame can walk, the lepers are being cured and the deaf can hear, the dead are being raised and good news is being preached to the poor.
Luke 6:20
Then he fixed his eyes on his disciples, and said, "Blessed are you who are poor, for the Kingdom of God is yours!
Luke 9:57
As they were going along the road, a man said to him, "I will follow you wherever you go."
Luke 16:22
And it came about that the beggar died and was carried away by the angels to the companionship of Abraham, and the rich man too died and was buried.
John 7:48
Have any of the authorities or of the Pharisees believed in him?
1 Corinthians 1:26
For consider, brothers, what happened when God called you. Not many of you were what men call wise, not many of you were influential, not many were of high birth.
2 Corinthians 8:9
You know how gracious the Lord Jesus Christ was. Though he was rich, he became poor for your sake, in order that by his poverty you might become rich.


James 1:12
Blessed is the man who endures trial, for when he stands the test, he will be given the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.
Matthew 5:3
"Blessed are those who feel their spiritual need, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!
Luke 6:20
Then he fixed his eyes on his disciples, and said, "Blessed are you who are poor, for the Kingdom of God is yours!
Luke 12:32
Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen to give you the kingdom.
1 Corinthians 2:9
But, as the Scripture says, there are things "Which no eye ever saw and no ear ever heard, And never occurred to the human mind, Which God has provided for those who love him."
2 Timothy 4:8
Now the crown of uprightness awaits me, which the Lord, the upright judge, will award me on that Day, and not only me but also all who have loved and hoped for his appearing.

General references

Matthew 6:20
but store up your riches in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and where thieves cannot break in and steal them.
Luke 22:29
So just as my Father has conferred a kingdom on me
James 2:15
If some brother or sister has no clothes and has not food enough for a day,