Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References

The tongue

Judges 12:4
And Jephthah gathered together all the men of Gilead, and fought with Ephraim, - and the men of Gilead smote Ephraim, because they said - Fugitives of Ephraim, are, ye, O ye Gileadites, in the midst of Ephraim, in the midst of Manasseh.
2 Samuel 19:43
And the men of Israel answered the men of Judah, and said - Ten parts, have we in the king, therefore, even in David, have we more right than ye. Why, then, made ye light of us, so that our word was not heard first as to bringing back our king? And, the words of the men of Judah, were fiercer than, the words of the men of Israel.
2 Samuel 20:1
Now, in that place, there happened to be an abandoned man, whose name, was Sheba son of Bichri, a man of Benjamin, - so he blew a horn, and said - We have no share in David, Nor inheritance have we in the son of Jesse, Every man to his home, O Israel!
2 Chronicles 10:13
And the king answered them harshly, - and King Rehoboam declined the counsel of the old men;
2 Chronicles 13:17
And Abijah and his people smote among them with a great smiting, - and there fell down slain, of Israel, five hundred thousand chosen men.
Psalm 64:3
Who have sharpened, like a sword, their tongue, Have made ready their arrow - a bitter word;
Psalm 140:3
They have sharpened their tongue like a serpent, - The poison of the asp, is under their lips. Selah.
Proverbs 15:1
A soft answer, turneth away wrath, but a cutting word raiseth anger.
Proverbs 16:27
An abandoned man, diggeth up mischief, - and, upon his lips, as it were a fire is scorching.
Proverbs 26:20
Without wood a fire is quenched, and, where there is no tattler, strife is hushed.
Isaiah 30:27
Lo! the Name of Yahweh, coming in from afar, His anger kindling, A heavy storm, - His lips, are full of indignation, And, his tongue, is like a fire that devoureth;

A world

James 2:7
Do not, they, defame the noble name which hath been invoked upon you?
Genesis 3:4
And the serpent said unto the woman, - Ye shall not die,
Leviticus 24:11
and the son of the woman of Israel, and a man of Israel, reviled one another in the camp. And the son of the Israelitish woman uttered contemptuously the Name, and reviled. So they brought him in unto Moses, - now, the name of his mother, was Shelomith, daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan;
Numbers 25:2
who invited the people unto the sacrifices of their gods, - so the people did eat, and did bow themselves down unto their gods.
Numbers 31:16
Lo! they, became unto the sons of Israel, by the advice of Balaam, the cause of daring acts of treachery against Yahweh, over the affair of Peor, - and then came the plague against the assembly of Yahweh!
Deuteronomy 13:6
When thy brother - son of thine own mother or thine own son or thine own daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend who is as thine own soul, shall entice thee secretly, saying, - Let us go and serve other gods, whom thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;
Judges 16:15
And she said unto him - How canst thou say, I love thee, when, thy heart, is not with me? These three times, hast thou laughed at me, and hast not told me wherein lieth thy great strength.
1 Samuel 22:9
Then answered Doeg the Edomite - he, being stationed near the servants of Saul - and said, - I saw the son of Jesse coming into Nob, unto Ahimelech son of Ahitub;
2 Samuel 13:26
Then said Absolom, If not, then, I pray thee, let Amnon my brother go with us. And the king said unto him, Wherefore should he go with thee?
2 Samuel 15:2
And Absolom used to rise up early, and take his stand beside the way of the gate, - and so it was - when any man who had a controversy would come unto the king for judgment, then Absalom called unto him, and said: Of what city, art, thou? And he said, Of one of the tribes of Israel, is thy servant. And Absolom said unto him,
2 Samuel 16:20
Then said Absolom unto Ahithophel, - Give ye your counsel, what we shall do.
2 Samuel 17:1
Then said Ahithophel unto Absolom: I pray thee, let me choose for myself, twelve thousand men, and arise, and pursue David to-night;
1 Kings 21:5
Then came unto him Jezebel his wife, - and said unto him - Why is it, that thy spirit is sullen, that thou art, not eating food?
Proverbs 1:10
My son, if sinners entice thee, do not consent.
Proverbs 6:19
One that uttereth lies - a false witness, and one sending forth strifes between brethren.
Proverbs 7:5
That thou mayest be kept, from the woman that is a stranger, from the female unknown, who, with her speeches, doth flatter.
Jeremiah 20:10
Because I have heard the whispering of many - "A terror round about!" Tell ye say they , that we may tell of him, All the men I am wont to salute do watch for my halting, - Peradventure he will be persuaded, and we shall prevail over him, and take our vengeance upon him.
Jeremiah 28:16
Therefore, Thus, saith Yahweh, Behold me! driving thee away from off the face of the ground, - This year, art thou to die, Because revolt, hast thou spoken against Yahweh.
Matthew 12:24
But, the Pharisees, hearing it, said, This one, doth not cast out the demons, save in Beelzebul ruler of the demons.
Matthew 15:11
Not that which entereth into the mouth, defileth the man, but, that which proceedeth out of the mouth, the same, defileth the man,
Mark 7:15
Nothing, is there, from without the man, entering into him, which can defile him; but, the things which, out of the man, come forth, are the things that defile the man.
Mark 14:55
Now, the High-priest, and all the High-council, were seeking, against Jesus, testimony, with the intent to put him to death, - and were not finding any;
Acts 6:13
And they set up false witnesses, who said - This man, ceaseth not speaking things against this holy place and the law;
Acts 20:30
and, from among your own selves, will arise men speaking distorted things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.
Romans 3:13
A sepulchre opened, is their throat, with their tongues, have they used deceit, the poison of asps, is under their lips,
Romans 16:17
But I beseech you, brethren, to keep an eye upon them who are causing divisions and occasions of stumbling, aside from the teaching which, ye, have learned, - and be turning away from them;
Ephesians 5:3
But, fornication, and all impurity, or covetousness, let it not be named among you - even as becometh saints;
Colossians 3:8
But, now, do, ye also, put them all away, - anger, wrath, baseness, defamation, shameful talk out of your mouth:
2 Thessalonians 2:10
And with all manner of deceit of unrighteousness, in them who are destroying themselves, because, the love of the truth, they did not welcome, that they might be saved; -
Titus 1:11
Whose mouths must needs be stopped, men who are upsetting whole houses, teaching the things which ought not to be taught - for the sake of base gain.
2 Peter 2:1
But there arose false-prophets also among the people, as, among you also, there shall be, false-teachers, - men who will stealthily bring in destructive parties, even the Master that bought them, denying, bringing upon themselves speedy destruction;
2 Peter 3:3
Of this, first, taking note - that there will come, in the last of the days, with scoffing, scoffers, after their own covetings, going on,
Jude 1:8
In like manner, nevertheless, even these, in their dreamings, flesh indeed defile, while lordship they set aside, and dignities they defame.
Revelation 2:14
Nevertheless, I have against thee, a few things, - that thou hast there, such as hold fast the teaching of Balaam, - who went on to teach Balak to throw a cause of stumbling before the sons of Israel, to eat idol-sacrifices and to commit lewdness:
Revelation 13:1
And I saw, out of the sea, a wild-beast coming up; having ten horns, and seven heads, and, upon his horns, ten diadems, and, upon his head, names of blasphemy.
Revelation 18:23
And light of lamp, - in nowise shine in thee any more; and voice of bridegroom and bride, - in nowise be heard in thee any more; because, thy merchants, were the great ones of the earth, because, with thy sorcery, were all the nations deceived:
Revelation 19:20
And the wild-beast, was taken, and, with him, the false prophet who wrought the signs before him, whereby he deceived them who received the mark of the wild-beast and them who were doing homage unto his image, - alive, were they two cast into the lake of fire that burneth with brimstone.

It is

Luke 16:24
And, he, calling out, said - Father Abraham! have mercy upon me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue, - because I am in anguish in this flame.
Acts 5:3
But Peter said - Ananias! wherefore did Satan fill thy heart, that thou shouldst deal falsely with the Holy Spirit, and keep back part of the price of the field?
2 Corinthians 11:13
For, such as these, are false apostles, deceitful workers, transfiguring themselves into apostles of Christ.
2 Thessalonians 2:9
Whose, presence, shall be according to an inworking of Satan, with all manner of mighty work and sign and wonders of falsehood,
Revelation 12:9
And the great dragon was cast out, - the ancient serpent, he that is called Adversary and the Satan, that deceiveth the whole habitable world, - he was cast to the earth, and his messengers, with him, were cast.

General references

1 Samuel 24:9
Then said David to Saul, Wherefore shouldst thou hearken unto the words of the sons of earth, saying, - Lo! David is seeking thy hurt?
Proverbs 25:18
A hammer and a sword, and a sharpened arrow, is a man becoming a false witness against his neighbour.
Matthew 15:18
while, the things which proceed out of the mouth, out of the heart, come forth, and, they, defile the man.
Mark 7:20
And he was saying - That which, out of the man, cometh forth, that, defileth the man;