Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refuseth to be healed? wilt thou be altogether unto me as a liar, and as waters that fail?

General references

Bible References

My pain

Jeremiah 14:19
Hast thou, utterly rejected, Judah? Zion itself, hath thy soul loathed? Why, hast thou smitten us so that there is for us no healing? A waiting For prosperity, but no welfare, and For a time of healing, but lo! terror!
Psalm 6:3
Yea, my soul, is dismayed greatly, Thou, then, O Yahweh - how long?
Psalm 13:1
How long, O Yahweh, wilt thou wholly forget me? How long wilt thou hide thy face from me?
Lamentations 3:1
I, am the man, that hath seen affliction, by the rod of his indignation;

My wound

Jeremiah 30:12
For Thus, saith Yahweh - incurable is thine injury, - Grievous is thy wound:
Job 34:6
Concerning mine own right, shall I tell a falsehood? Incurable is my disease - not for any transgression.
Micah 1:9
For dangerous are her wounds, - for she hath come as far as Judah, she hath reached as far as the gate of my people, as far as Jerusalem.

As a

Jeremiah 1:18
I, therefore - lo! I have set thee to-day as a fortified city, and as a pillar of iron and as walls of bronze, over all the land, - against the kings of Judah, against her princes, against her priests and against the people of the land.
Jeremiah 20:7
Thou didst persuade me, O Yahweh and I was persuaded, Thou didst lay firm hold on me and didst prevail, - I am become a mockery, all the day, Every one, is laughing at me.

And as

Jeremiah 14:3
And, their nobles have sent their menials to the waters, - They have been to the pits, They have found no water They have returned, their vessels empty, They are pale and ashamed and have covered their heads.
Job 6:15
Mine own brethren, have proved treacherous like a torrent, like a channel of torrents which disappear:

General references

Jeremiah 30:12
For Thus, saith Yahweh - incurable is thine injury, - Grievous is thy wound: