Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Give heed to me, O LORD, and hearken to the voice of them that contend with me.

Bible References


Jeremiah 20:12
And Jehovah of armies trying the just, seeing the reins and the heart, I shall see thy vengeance of them: for to thee I uncovered my cause.
Psalm 55:16
I will call upon God, and Jehovah will save me:
Psalm 64:1
To the overseer; chanting to David. Hear, O God, my voice in my complaint: thou wilt guard my life from the fear of the enemy.
Psalm 56:1
To the overseer for the silent dove of those far off: to David, a poem in the rovers taking him in Gath. Compassionate me, O God, for man panted after me; warring all the day, he will press me.
Psalm 109:4
For my love they will oppose me: and I for prayer.
Micah 7:8
Thou shalt not rejoice against me, O mine enemy: if I fell I arose: if I shall sit in darkness, Jehovah a light to me.
Luke 6:11
And they were filled with want,of understanding; and they discoursed with one another What they may do to Jesus.


2 Kings 19:16
O Jehovah, incline thine ear and hear; O Jehovah open thine eyes and see: and hear the words of Senherib, which sent him to reproach the living God.
Nehemiah 4:4
Hear, O our God; for we were despised: and turn back their reproach upon their head, and wilt thou give them for plunder in the land of captivity?
Nehemiah 6:9
For all of them causing us to be afraid, saying, their hands shall be slackened from the work, and it shall not be done. And now strengthen my hand.