Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And this whole land shall be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years.

General references

Bible References


Jeremiah 25:12
And it was when seventy years were filled up, I will review over the king of Babel and upon this nation, says Jehovah, their iniquity, and upon the land of the Chaldeans, and I set it for eternal desolations
2 Chronicles 36:21
To fill up the word of Jehovah in the mouth of Jeremiah, till the land delighted in her Sabbaths: all the days she was laid waste she rested, to complete seventy years.
Isaiah 23:15
And it was in that day, and Tyre was forgotten seventy years, according to the days of one king: from the end of seventy years it shall be to Tyre as the song of a harlot.
Daniel 9:2
In one year to the kingdom, I Daniel understood by books the number of years which the word of Jehovah was to Jeremiah the prophet, to fill up for the desolations of Jerusalem seventy years.
Zechariah 1:12
And the messenger of Jehovah will answer and say, O Jehovah of armies, how long wilt thou not compassionate Jerusalem and the cities of Judah with whom thou wert very angry this seventy years?
Zechariah 7:5
Say to all the people of the land, and to the priests, saying, When ye fasted and mourned in the fifth and in the seventh, and this seventy years, fasting, fasted ye to me, me?

General references

Ezekiel 15:6
For this, thus said the Lord Jehovah: As the tree of the vine upon the tree of the forest which I gave it to the fire for consuming, thus I gave the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
Ezekiel 36:34
And the desolate land shall be worked instead of its being a desolation before the eyes of all passing by.