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Howl, ye shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in the ashes, ye principal of the flock: for the days of your slaughter and of your dispersions are accomplished; and ye shall fall like a pleasant vessel.

Ye principal

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Jeremiah 6:26
O daughter of my people Gird thee with sackcloth and roll thyself in ashes, - The mourning for an only son, make thou for thyself, Most bitter lamentation! For suddenly, shall the destroyer come upon us.
Jeremiah 48:26
Make ye him drunken, Because against Yahweh, hath he magnified himself; So shall, Moab, stagger, into his own vomit, And shall become a derision, even he!
Ezekiel 27:30
And make loud lament over thee, with their voice, And make biter outcry,- And shall lift up dust on their heads, In ashes, shall roll themselves;

Ye principal

Ezekiel 34:17
And as for you O my flock, Thus saith My Lord. Yahweh: Behold me! judging between one kind of small cattle and another as well the rams as the he-goats.

The days of your

Jeremiah 25:12
And it shall some to pass - When the seventy years are fulfilled, I will visit upon the king of Babylon and upon that nation, Declareth Yahweh their iniquity, and upon the land of the Chaldeans, - and I will turn it into age-abiding desolations.
Jeremiah 27:7
Therefore shall all the nations serve him, and his son, and his sons son, - until the time even of his own land, itself arrive, when many nations and great kings, shall use him as a slave.
Jeremiah 51:20
A war-club, art thou for me, Weapons of war; Therefore will I Beat down with thee - nations, and Destroy with thee - kingdoms;
Isaiah 10:12
Wherefore it shall come to pass - When My Lord shall finish his whole work upon Mount Zion and upon Jerusalem, I will bring punishment - Upon the fruit of the greatness of heart of the king of Assyria. And upon the vainglory of his uplifted eyes,
Isaiah 33:1
Alas! thou plunderer when, thou, hadst not been plundered, And thou traitor when they had not betrayed thee: When thou hast ceased plundering, thou shalt be plundered, When thou hast left off betraying, they shall betray thee.
Lamentations 4:21
Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom, thou inhabitress in the and of Uz, - Even unto thee, shall the cup pass along, thou shalt be drunken, and expose thy shame.

Ye shall

Jeremiah 19:10
Then shalt thou break the bottle, before the eyes of the men who are walking with thee;
Jeremiah 22:28
An earthen vessel to be despised thrown about, is this man Coniah? Or an instrument, in which is no pleasure? Wherefore are they to be cast out, he and his seed, and to be thrown forth upon a land which they have not known?
Psalm 2:9
Thou shalt shepherd them with a sceptre of iron, - as a potter's vessel, shalt thou dash them in pieces.
Isaiah 30:14
Yea he will break it - as the breaking of the pitcher of a potter, crushed, he will not spare; So that there shall not be found when it is smashed, A sherd wherewith to snatch fire from a hearth, Or to skim off water out of a cistern.

General references

Jeremiah 25:36
The voice of the outcry of the shepherds! Yea the howling of the illustrious of the flock! - Because Yahweh is laying waste the grounds where they fed.