Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And the LORD hath sent unto you all his servants the prophets, rising early and sending them; but ye have not hearkened, nor inclined your ear to hear.

Bible References


Jeremiah 25:3
From the thirteenth year of Josiah son of Amen king of Judah even until this day, the which is the twenty-third year, hath the word of Yahweh come unto me; and I have spoken unto you, betimes, speaking, yet have ye not hearkened.
Jeremiah 7:24
Yet they hearkened not Neither inclined their ear, But walked, In the counsels - In the stubbornness of their own wicked heart; And went backward, and not forward.
Jeremiah 11:8
Howbeit they hearkened not neither inclined their ear, but walked severally in the stubbornness of their wicked heart, - so then I brought upon them all the words of this covenant which I commanded them to do, but they did them not.
Jeremiah 13:10
This wicked people who are refusing to hear my words, who are walking in the stubbornness of their heart, and have gone after other gods, to serve them and to bow down to them, yea let them be like this girdle, which is good for nothing.
Jeremiah 16:12
And, ye, have done more wickedly than your fathers, - for look at you! walking every man after the stubbornness of his wicked heart, so as not to hearken unto me,
Jeremiah 17:23
Howbeit they hearkened not, neither inclined their ear, - but stiffened their neck, that they might not hearken, neither receive correction.
Jeremiah 18:12
And, since they will say, Hopeless! For after our own devices, will we walk, And, very one, the stubbornness of his own wicked heart, will we do!
Jeremiah 19:15
Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, God of Israel, Behold me! brining in against this city, and upon all the cities thereof, The whole calamity which I have pronounced against her, - Because they stiffened their neck, that they might not hear my words.
Jeremiah 22:21
I spake unto thee, in thy carelessness, - Thou saidst I will not hearken! This hath been thy way from thy youth, That thou hast not hearkened to my voice.
Jeremiah 36:31
And I will visit upon him and upon his seed and upon his servants the punishment of their iniquity, - and will bring upon them and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem and against, the men of Judah, all the calamity, which I have spoken against them but they have not hearkened.
Zechariah 7:11
Howbeit they refused to give heed, but put forth a rebellious shoulder, - and, their ears, made they hard of hearing, that they might not hear;
Acts 7:51
Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised in hearts and in ears, ye, always, against the Holy Spirit, do strive! As your fathers, ye also:
Hebrews 12:25
Beware, lest ye excuse yourselves from him that speaketh; for, if, they escaped not, who excused themselves from him who on earth was warning, how much less, shall, we, who from him that warneth from the heavens, do turn ourselves away:

General references

2 Chronicles 33:10
And Yahweh spake unto Manasseh and unto his people, but they did not give ear.
Jeremiah 29:19
Because they hearkened not unto my words Declareth Yahweh, - which I sent unto them by my servants the prophets, betimes, sending them yet hearkened they not Declareth Yahweh.
Matthew 21:35
And the husbandmen, taking his servants, one, indeed, they beat, and, another, slew, - and, another, stoned.