Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:

Bible References


Jeremiah 1:6
And saying, Ah, Lord Jehovah, behold I knew not to speak: for I a boy.
Jeremiah 4:10
And saying, Ah, Lord Jehovah! surely, deceiving, thou didst deceive to this people and to Jerusalem, saying, Peace shall be to you; and the sword reached even to the soul.
Jeremiah 14:13
And saying, Ah, Lord Jehovah! behold, the prophets saying to them, Ye shall not see the sword, and famine shall not be to you; for the peace of truth will I give to you in this place.
Ezekiel 9:8
And it will be as they were striking them, and I being left, and I shall fall upon my face, and I shall cry, and saying, Ah, Lord Jehovah! destroyest thou all the remnant of Israel in thy pouring forth thy wrath upon Jerusalem?
Ezekiel 11:13
And it will be as I prophesied, and Pelatiah son of Benaiah, died. And I shall fall upon my face and cry with a great voice, and saying, Ah. Lord Jehovah, thou makest a completion with the remnant of Israel.


Jeremiah 32:27
Behold, I am Jehovah, God of all flesh: is there any word separated from me?
Genesis 18:14
Shall the word of Jehovah be difficult, at the appointed time? I will return to thee, according to the time of life, and a son to Sarah.
Job 42:2
I knew that thou wilt be able to do all, and counsel shall not be restrained from thee.
Luke 1:37
For nothing shall be impossible with God.
Luke 18:27
And he said, The things impossible with men, are possible with God.

Too hard for thee

Isaiah 46:9
Remember the former things from forever: for I am God and no god besides, and none like me.
Daniel 2:22
He uncovered deep and hidden things: he knew what in darkness, and light lodged with him.
Acts 15:18
Known to God are all his works from eternity.
Ephesians 3:9
And to enlighten all what the distribution of the mystery, concealed from times immemorial in God, having created all things by Jesus Christ:

General references

Psalm 102:25
Before time thou didst found the earth, and the heavens the work of thy hands.
Psalm 124:8
Our help is in the name of Jehovah.; he made the heavens and the earth.
Luke 18:27
And he said, The things impossible with men, are possible with God.
Acts 7:50
Did not my hand make all these things?