Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And I will cause the captivity of Judah and the captivity of Israel to return, and will build them, as at the first.

General references

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Will cause

Jeremiah 33:11
The voice of joy, and the voice of gladness The voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, The voice of them who are saying, Praise ye Yahweh of hosts, For good is Yahweh For age-abiding is his lovingkindness, The voice of them who are bringing a thank-offering into the house of Yahweh, - For I will bring back the captives of the land, as at the first, Saith Yahweh.
Jeremiah 23:3
myself, therefore will gather the remnant of my flock, out of all the lands whither I have driven them, - And will bring them back unto their own fold, And they shall be fruitful and multiply;
Jeremiah 29:14
And I will be found of you, Declareth Yahweh, And will turn back your captivity, And will gather you out of all the nations and out of all the places whither I have driven you, Declareth Yahweh, And will bring you back into the place whence I had caused you to be carried away captive:
Jeremiah 30:3
For lo! days are coming, Declareth Yahweh, when I will turn the captivity of my people Israel and Judah, Saith Yahweh, - and will bring them back into the land which I gave to their fathers that they might possess it.
Jeremiah 32:44
Fields - for silver, shall men buy, And write in scrolls And seal them, And take in attestation, witnesses, In the land of Benjamin, and In the places round about Jerusalem, and In the cities of Judah, and In the cities of the hill country, and In the cities of the lowland and In the cities of the South, - For I will cause them of their captivity to return Declareth Yahweh.
Psalm 14:7
Oh that, out of Zion, were granted the salvation of Israel! When Yahweh bringeth back the captives of his people, Jacob, shall exult, Israel, be glad.
Psalm 85:1
Thou hast accepted, O Yahweh, thy land, Thou hast brought back the captives of Jacob;
Psalm 126:1
When Yahweh brought back the captives of Zion, we were like them who dream:
Isaiah 11:12
And he will lift up a standard to the nations, And will gather the outcasts of Israel, - And the dispersed of Judah, will he collect, From the four corners of the earth.
Zephaniah 3:20
At that time, will I bring you in, even at the time when I gather you, - Yea I will grant you to become a Name and a Praise, among all the peoples of the earth, when I cause them of your captivities to return before your eyes, saith Yahweh.

And will

Jeremiah 24:6
Therefore will I set mine eye upon them for good, and will bring them hack upon this land, - and will build them up, and not pull them down, and will plant them and not root them up;
Jeremiah 30:20
And, his sons, shall come to be as aforetime, And, his assembly, before me, shall continue, - And I will bring punishment on all his oppressors;
Jeremiah 31:4
Again, will I build thee and thou shalt be built, thou virgin, Israel, - Again, shalt thou deck thyself with thy timbrels, And go forth in the dance of them that make merry:
Jeremiah 42:10
If ye will indeed abide, in this land, then will I build you up, and not pull you down, and plant you and not uproot you , - for I have compassion as touching the calamity which I have caused you.
Isaiah 1:26
That I may restore thy Judges as at the first, and thy Counsellors as at the beginning, - After that, shalt thou he called Righteous citadel, Trusty city, -
Hosea 2:15
Then will I give to her her vineyards from thence, and the vale of Achor for a door of hope, - and she will respond there, as in the days of her youth, and as in the day when she came up out of the land of Egypt.
Amos 9:14
And I will bring back the captivity of my people Israel, and they shall build waste cities, and inhabit them , and plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof, and lay out gardens, and eat the fruit thereof:
Micah 7:14
Shepherd thou thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine inheritance, Dwell thou alone, a jungle in the midst of a fruitful field, - Let them feed in Bashan and in Gilead, as in the days of age-past times.
Zechariah 1:17
Further, proclaim thou, saying, Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, Yet, shall my cities overflow with blessing! So will Yahweh yet, have compassion, upon Zion, and yet make choice of Jerusalem.

General references

Ezekiel 37:21
Therefore speak thou unto them Thus, saith My Lord Yahweh, Lo! myself am going to take the sons of Israel, from among the nations whither they have gone, - And I will gather them from every side, And will bring them in upon their own so;