Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For though ye had smitten the whole army of the Chaldeans that fight against you, and there remained but wounded men among them, yet should they rise up every man in his tent, and burn this city with fire.


Bible References

Wounded men

Jeremiah 51:4
And they shall fall down slain in the land of the Chaldeans, and thrust through in her streets.
Isaiah 13:15
Everyone who is found shall be thrust through, and everyone who is taken shall fall by the sword.
Isaiah 14:19
But thou are cast forth away from thy sepulcher like an abominable branch, clothed with the slain, who are thrust through with the sword, who go down to the stones of the pit, as a dead body trodden under foot.


Joel 2:11
And LORD utters his voice before his army, for his camp is very great. For he is strong who executes his word. For the day of LORD is great and very fearful, and who can abide it?