Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And, behold, all the women that are left in the king of Judah's house shall be brought forth to the king of Babylon's princes, and those women shall say, Thy friends have set thee on, and have prevailed against thee: thy feet are sunk in the mire, and they are turned away back.

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Jeremiah 41:10
And Ishmael will carry away captive all the remnant of the people which were in Mizpeh, the king's daughters and all the people being left in Mizpeh, which Nebuzaradan chief of the cooks committed to Gedaliah son of Ahikam: and Ishmael son of Nethaniah will carry them captive, and he will depart to pass over to the sons of Ammon.
Jeremiah 43:6
Men and women and children, and the king's daughters, and every soul which Nebuzaradan chief of the cooks left with Gedaliah son of Ahikam, son of Shaphan, and Jeremiah the prophet, and Baruch, son of Neriah.
Lamentations 5:11
They humbled the women in Zion the virgins in the cities of Judah.

Have set

Jeremiah 38:19
And king Zedekiah will say to Jeremiah, I fear the Jews who fell to the Chaldeans, lest they shall give me into their hand and they illtreated me.
Lamentations 1:2
Weeping, she will weep in the night, and her tears upon her cheeks: no comfort to her from all loving her: all her friends dealt faithlessly with her, they were to her for enemies.
Micah 7:5
Ye shall not trust in a companion, ye shall not confide in a friend: watch the doors of thy mouth from her lying in thy bosom.

Thy feet

Jeremiah 38:6
And they will take Jeremiah and send him to the pit of Malchiah son of the king which was in the enclosure of the prison: and they will cast Jeremiah with cords, and in the pit no water but mud: and Jeremiah will sink in the mud.
Psalm 69:2
I sank in mire of depth, and no standing: I came into depths of waters and the floods overwhelmed me.

They are

Jeremiah 46:5
Wherefore did I see them terrified, drawing back behind? and their strong ones shall be broken, and they fled a flight, and they turned not: fear being round about, says Jehovah.
Isaiah 42:17
They were turned back, they will be ashamed with shame, trusting in the carved image, saying to the molten image, Thou our God.
Lamentations 1:13
From height he sent fire into my bones, and it brought them down: he spread a net for my feet, he turned me away behind: he gave me desolation, being sad all the day.

General references

Ezekiel 11:8
Ye feared the sword; and I will bring a sword upon you, says the Lord Jehovah.