Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Then Jeremiah the prophet said unto them, I have heard you; behold, I will pray unto the LORD your God according to your words; and it shall come to pass, that whatsoever thing the LORD shall answer you, I will declare it unto you; I will keep nothing back from you.

Bible References

I will pray

Exodus 8:29
And Moses will say, Behold, I will go forth from thee, and pray for thee to Jehovah; and the gad-fly shall depart from Pharaoh, from his servants and from his people, to-morrow: only Pharaoh shall not add to deceive, not to send away the people to sacrifice to Jehovah.
1 Samuel 12:23
Also I, far be it to me sinning against Jehovah ceasing to pray for you: and I taught you in the good and straight way.
Romans 10:1
Brethren, truly my heart's delight and prayer to God for Israel is for salvation.


Jeremiah 23:28
The prophet whom with him a dream, he will recount a dream; and whom my word with him, he will speak my word in truth. What to the straw with the grain? says Jehovah.
1 Kings 22:14
And Micaiah will say, Jehovah lives, for what Jehovah shall say to me I will speak it.
2 Chronicles 18:13
And Micaiah will say, Jehovah lives, for what God shall say I shall speak it.
Ezekiel 2:7
And speak my word to them, if they will hear and if they will desist: for they are contradiction.

I will keep

1 Samuel 3:17
And he will say, What the word he spake to thee? not now shalt thou hide from me: so will God do to thee, and so will he add, if thou shalt hide from me a word of all the word which he spake to thee.
Psalm 40:10
I hid not thy justice within my heart; I said thy faithfulness and thy salvation: I hid not thy mercy and thy truth to the great convocation.
Acts 20:20
how I concealed nothing of things profitable, not to announce to you, and teach you publicly, and in the houses,