Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich.

General references

Bible References


Revelation 18:2
And he cried out with a powerful voice, saying, "Fallen, fallen [is] Babylon the great, and it has become a dwelling place of demons and a haunt of every unclean spirit and a haunt of every unclean bird and a haunt of every unclean and detested animal.

So are

Proverbs 1:11
If they say, "Come with us! We shall lie in wait for blood; we shall ambush the innocent without cause.
Hosea 12:7
[The] trader, in his hand [are] scales of deceit; he loves to oppress.
Amos 8:4
Hear this, those who trample on [the] poor and who annihilate the afflicted of [the] land,
Micah 1:12
For the inhabitants of Maroth writhed for good, because disaster has come down from Yahweh to the gate of Jerusalem.
Micah 6:10
Is there any longer a man [in] the house of the wicked treasures of wickedness, and the ephah of scarcity [which is] accursed?
Habakkuk 2:9
Woe to [him who] obtains profit [from] evil gain for his house, to set his nest on high, to be saved from the hand of misfortune!

General references

Proverbs 4:17
For they ate the bread of wickedness, and they drank the wine of violence.
Isaiah 59:14
And justice is pushed back, and righteousness stands afar; for truth stumbles in the public square, and straightforwardness is unable to enter,