Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The king of Babylon hath heard the report of them, and his hands waxed feeble: anguish took hold of him, and pangs as of a woman in travail.

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Jeremiah 51:31
Runner to meet runner, shall they run, And teller to meet teller,-To tell the king of Babylon, That captured is his city at the end!
Isaiah 13:6
Howl ye! for at hand is the day of Yahweh, - As a veritable destruction from the Almighty, shall it come.
Isaiah 21:3
For this cause, are my loins filled with anguish, Pangs, have seized me, as the pangs of her that is giving birth, - I writhe so that I cannot hear, I tremble, so that I cannot see:
Daniel 5:5
Immediately, came forth the fingers of the hand of a man, and wrote,, over against the chandelier, upon the plaster of the wall of the palace of the king, - and, the king, saw the part of the hand which was writing,

General references

Jeremiah 51:54
A voice of outcry from Babylon! And a great crash from the land of the Chaldeans!