Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And there came a messenger unto Job, and said, The oxen were plowing, and the asses feeding beside them:

General references

Bible References


1 Samuel 4:17
And the bearer of tidings answered, and said - Israel hath fled before the Philistines, Moreover also, a great smiting, hath taken place among the people, - Moreover also, thy two sons, are slain, Hophni and Phinehas, And, the ark of God, is taken.
2 Samuel 15:13
Then came one bearing tidings unto David, saying, - It hath come about, that the heart of the men of Israel goeth after Absolom.
Jeremiah 51:31
Runner to meet runner, shall they run, And teller to meet teller,-To tell the king of Babylon, That captured is his city at the end!

General references

Job 39:10
Canst thou bind the wild-ox, so that - with the ridge - shall run his cord? Or will he harrow the furrows after thee?