1 And Zophar the Naamathite will answer and say, 2 Shall not the multitude of words be answered? and shall a man of lips be justified? 3 Shall thy empty talks cause men to be silent? and wilt thou deride and none making ashamed? 4 And thou wilt say, My instruction is pure, and I was clean in thine eyes. 5 And who Will give God speaking, and he will open his lips with thee? 6 And he shall announce to thee hidden things of wisdom, for they are the double for understanding. And know thou that God will set to thee from thine iniquity.
7 Searching shalt thou and God? Shalt thou find the Almighty even to completeness? 8 The heavens being high, what wilt thou do? Hades being deep, what wilt thou know? 9 Its measure long above the earth, and broad above the sea.
10 If he shall pass on, and shut up, and gather together, who shall turn him back. 11 For he knew men of vanity, and he will see iniquity; and will he not understand? 12 And man being empty will be without heart: and man will be born a wild ass's colt
13 If thou preparedst thy heart, and didst spread thy hands towards him; 14 If iniquity in thy hand, remove it far off, and wickedness shall not dwell in thy tents. 15 For then thou shalt lift up thy face from spot; and thou wert firm, and thou shalt not fear: 16 For thou shalt forget toil, then shalt remember as waters they passed away. 17 And life shall rise above the noonday: thou shalt shine forth, thou shalt be as the morning 18 And thou didst trust, for there is hope; and thou didst search out; thou shalt lie down confidently.
19 And thou shalt lie down and none terrifying; and many waited for thy face. 20 And the eyes of the unjust shall be consumed, and flight shall perish from them, and their hope a breathing out of the soul.