Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Wherefore do I take my flesh in my teeth, and put my life in mine hand?

Bible References

I take

Job 18:4
He rent his soul in his anger: shall the earth be forsaken for thee? and shall the rock be removed from its place?
Ecclesiastes 4:5
The foolish one folded his hands together, and ate his flesh.
Isaiah 9:20
And he shall cut upon the right hand, and hungering; and he shall eat upon the left, and they were not satisfied: they shall eat a man the flesh of his arm.
Isaiah 49:26
And I will cause those oppressing thee to eat their own flesh, and they shall drink their blood to the full as new wine: and all flesh shall know that I am Jehovah saving thee, and redeeming thee, the Mighty One of Jacob.

And put

Judges 12:3
And I shall see that thou savest not, and I shall put my soul in my hand, and I shall pass over to the sons of Ammon, and Jehovah will give them into my hand: and wherefore came ye up to me this day to war against me?
1 Samuel 19:5
And he put his soul in his hand and smote the rover, and Jehovah will make great salvation to all Israel: thou sawest and thou wilt rejoice; and wherefore wilt thou sin against innocent blood, to kill David gratuitously? .
1 Samuel 28:21
And the woman will come to Saul, and she will see that he trembled greatly, and she will say to him, Behold, thy servant heard to thy voice, and I will put my soul in my hand, and heard thy words which thou spake to me.
Psalm 119:109
My soul is in my hand always, and I, forgot not thy law.